How much is my PC worth please?

  freddym 09:41 24 Jun 2010

I'd like to sell my old PC and I have no idea how much it is worth. Many thanks.

CPU: INTEL® PENTIUM® D 950 (2 X 3.4GHZ) 800mhz FSB/2 x 2MB Cache
Memory: 2048 MB CORSAIR DDR2-533 PC4200
Motherboard: ASUS® P5W DH DELUXE: DDR2, x16 slot, 975X chipset, 3 PCI
USB Options: SIX USB 2.0 PORTS (4 REAR + 2 FRONT)
Hard Drive 1: SATA 36 GB HARD DISK @ 10000rpm 16mb cache
Hard Drive 2: SATA II 500 GB HARD DISK @ 7200rpm 8mb cache
Raid: NONE
CD Writer/Combi Drive: 52 X 32 X 52 CD WRITER + 16X DVD ROM (COMBI DRIVE)
CD/DVD Writer: 16x +/- DVD WRITER (8x +/- Dual Lyr) (5x DVD-RAM) (40x CD-RW)
Graphics Card 1: 512MB GEFORCE 7900GTX PCI Express + DVI + TV-OUT
Graphics Card 2: NONE
Sound: SoundBlaster X-FI Extreme Music 7.1
Case: Stylish Silver Aluminium Trigon Case + 2 Front/Side USB
Power Supply & Cooling: 600W Super Quiet Quad Rail PSU + 120mm fan & CPU Cooler
Monitor: NONE
Keyboard: Logitech® Cordless Rechargeable Optical Keybrd + Mouse Silver/Black

  gengiscant 10:25 24 Jun 2010

Thats a tricky question to answer.
For a start it will not be worth what you would like it to be worth.
You could put it in your local paper or Gumtree site at a price you think it worth but take near offers.
You could put it on Ebay and either stipulate pickup only or factor in postage,which with packaging etc will not be cheap.
You could strip it down and sell the components individually, which is what I tend to do, usually make a little more that way.
As to what its worth, max £100 and that I feel is probably generous, or maybe I 'm cheap.

  ronalddonald 10:30 24 Jun 2010

your having a laugh arent you,

1 can you offer agurantee if yourr machine breaks down answer no

2. if there is a software problem can you rmedy it no

3. could you sell it to a student probably but not for £100 may be £25.

4. no monitor lets reduce it gain to £5.00

5 is it realy worth it

6 could you box and try to sell it to some foreigner who doesnt know about computer may be for a higher price

7. keep it or scarp it or reuse the parts for another build

  wee eddie 12:55 24 Jun 2010

I think that the others are being unduly pessimistic.

However, you must be prepared for making sure that it works for a reasonable period of time after the transfer and also to clear off the HDDs any software that you are not offering the Original Disks as part of the package.

You will also need to scour the HDDs of all your Files & Folders.

To get some sort of idea, look for the nearest similar 'spec' (new)PC available and reckon on 1/3rd that price.

  iscanut 13:29 24 Jun 2010

Another pearl of wisdom from ronalddonald !!!

  gengiscant 13:50 24 Jun 2010


  MAT ALAN 15:24 24 Jun 2010

ronalddonald, you been on the winegums matey your estimated value is absolute rubbish.
My opinion £150 ono...

  onthelimit 17:51 24 Jun 2010

Also, could you please use a spellchecker - I find it difficult to understand some of your ramblings - thanks.

  freddym 08:22 25 Jun 2010

Many thanks for the sensible replies. I had about £150 in my head so I think that is confirmed here. I might strip it down if only to make posting easy lol

Many thanks.

  Kevscar1 08:51 25 Jun 2010

I think you are asking to much. Processor is so old they are not used by anyone making comps now. Only found one site selling them, Aprrox £5 brand new so secnd hand maybe aroound £15. Presumably everything else is same age so not even manufactured anymore. £100 might be a bit more realistic.

  Kevscar1 08:52 25 Jun 2010

Sorry should have been £35 brand new.

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