How much is my PC worth?

  gr82bthe1st 19:24 23 Feb 2012

I really want to get one of those new ultrabooks that are starting to get a bit more popular, so was thinking of selling my pc to help fund it. Its a little over a year old.

It has:

Motherboard - Asus p8p67LE CPU - Intel Core i7 2600K RAM - 16GB Corsair vengance blue (DDR3 1333) Heatsink - Corsair Hydro H60 water cooling kit Graphics - 1GB MSI GTX560Ti Twin Forzr 2 overclocked edition HDD - 1x 120GB Corsair Sandforce GT SSD (sata 3 6gbps) 2x 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm (sata 3 6gbps) 1x 2TB Western Digital intellipower (sata 3 6gbps) Sound - Asus Xonar DG 5.1 Surround sound card Networking - Edimax wireless PCI card B/G/N PSU - 1050W Powercool modular Optical - Samsung BD ROM and DVD RW combo drive Case - Limited edition Corsair 600T Graphite white with side window.

It currently has a genuine Windows 7 Professional & office installed.

Thanks for your replies in advance.

  KRONOS the First 20:04 23 Feb 2012

Nice rig, as to what it's worth? That depends on whether you sell it to a mate or put an ad in the local paper or stick it on EBay or even split it down to its parts and sell them separately.

If you sell it to a mate then perhaps deduct 20% off what you paid, you could maybe get a bit more selling it locally. If you stick it on the bay then you will probably end up with less when you take the fees fom Ebay and PayPal into consideration. As I am assuming you did not build this rig yourself then splitting and selling the components is not really an option as whoever you bought it from would have put their bit on hence the price you paid for it.

I could give you a rough breakdown of what you could get if you split. But I would try, if I were you to sell it complete.

  gr82bthe1st 22:56 23 Feb 2012

Hi, thanks for the reply. Probably advertise locally, just not sure what price to advertise at?

Thanks again.

  KRONOS the First 03:12 24 Feb 2012

If you could mention what you paid that would help.

  OTT_B 21:43 24 Feb 2012

A not too far dissimilar spec PC from Cyberpower ( costs about £1400 now

Now, remove 30% from the £1400 for being second hand / 12 months old, and you've got an advertised price of about £980. Personally, I don't think it will sell for that though. It's too much money for a gamer (it's only real target buyer) to spend on second hand kit. Something in the range of £750 - £800 would get more people interested.

It's never usually a good idea to sell a PC with used hard drives (unless you have a huge amount of faith in erasing programmes), so it would be safer to remove them before sale. That of course would decrease the sale price further.

  finerty 19:04 02 Mar 2012

can you guarantee the parts? what sort of guarantee can you provide in terms. No income tax no guarantee.

  finerty 02:42 08 Mar 2012

no vat, no guarantee,

  HondaMan 15:04 08 Mar 2012

Personally I would remove the HDD and fit another one. Use the one you have removed as a backup medium for the new one PLUS all your old files will be safe from prying eyes

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