How much for my pc? Can anyone help?

  Crazze 12:40 06 Jul 2018

My pc is i3-8100 gtx 1060 3gb 2tb Seagate hp500 case 8gb ram. How much would this roughly cost. It is barely used, built in February

  wee eddie 13:37 06 Jul 2018

FE does not allow us to give you an estimate. However you could look for similar Spec machines on eBay.

Most of us recon that you'll make more by selling the parts separately.

As a guide. You'll probably not make half of what its worth

  KEITH 1955 16:25 06 Jul 2018

Why are you selling the pc and do you really need the money. If you have space for 2 pc's I would recommend you keep both your current pc and its replacement.

Whenever I buy a new pc I keep the one I have been using as a guinea pig/test rig.

Before I download and install anything on my latest pc I try it out on my previous one first and if anything odd happens that particular item does not get put on my new one.

  Crazze 16:55 06 Jul 2018

I bought it for £775 so are you saying around £400 or less? I’ve seen some of similar to lower specs for around £650-700. Can anyone give me a price.

  Forum Editor 17:17 06 Jul 2018

"Can anyone give me a price."

No, because it would be meaningless - a computer is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it. The fact is, custom-built computers do not hold their value as well as those that carry a well-known name.

In general terms, a 40% to 50% secondhand value would be a reasonable expectation in this case, but you never know - someone might be looking for that precise configuration.

Do some research on Ebay, and then test the water - see if you get any takers at your chosen price point.

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