How much memory?

  spuds 19:09 19 Feb 2006

Trying to solve a problem. If a motherboard states that it can hold so much memory, is it best to install to capacity.We often hear on the forum, the more the merrier, when other people may disagree.What are your views, and what do you think?.

  gudgulf 19:16 19 Feb 2006

It's horses for courses much you need depends on what you do with your pc and how many background processes you need running.

My own pc is packed to the rafters with all manner of programs,runs [email protected] and is heavily used for gaming at very high settings so I have 2GB of RAM.

Normal running requires anything between 300 and 650MB of RAM but gaming has on occasion pushed this to over 1.7GB.

click here is a good thing to read if you want to know more.

  SG Atlantis® 19:21 19 Feb 2006

I agree with Gudgulf.

I have 2GB of RAM aswell, I have the bbc experiment running, I also do video alot and the other half plays games.

It pays to have the 2GB.

It's 4x 512MB sticks, although I'd rather have 2x 1GB sticks and run them in dual channel but that's what I get for buying off the shelf.

  spuds 20:36 19 Feb 2006

Thanks guys. It looks like more the merrier for now. Leave the post running for a little longer before the tick.

  spuds 09:48 22 Feb 2006

If the ram capacity is exceeded to that what as been recommended by the motherboard manufacturer, what happens. Is the spare or exceeded capacity just not used, or is there a possibility that the board can and will give allowances for this excess?.

  Fingees 10:00 22 Feb 2006

If exceeded it could possibly
slow things down.

for instance windows 95 & 98 except SE ran with a maximum of 512meg.

if more was installed even though MoBo could take it, it slowed down considerably

  rmcqua 10:06 22 Feb 2006

I agree with the more the merrier. My m/b has capaity for 4GB, butI have only filled it to 2Gb. I made the increase gradually, in 512Mb chunks. Noticed a significant improvement in just about everything from 512 to 1Gb, less of an improvement (though still noticeable) from 1Gb to 1.5. Barely noticeable change from 1.5 to 2Gb.
HOWEVER, I don't do much intensive gaming - if I did, I am sure the increases would be more noticeable.

  spuds 10:19 22 Feb 2006

Thanks for the feedback.I have a 'older' type motherboard which uses PC100/PC133 memory chips. Just experimenting at present with random memory chips.

Will tick as resolved. Thanks again everyone.

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