How much MB/day/month?

  powerless 05:50 03 Sep 2003

3,000 MB/month traffic

10,000 MB/month traffic

40,000 MB/month traffic

Looking at a few "Hosting Packages" there is the "how much traffic would i expect?" question.

I would take a wild guess and say NONE at first but when word gets a round i'm sure it'll pick up.

But how do i know whats enough? When does traffic get added to the total amount allowed per day/month?

Whats the idea of a safe figure? (for traffic)

My pages are (max) 30KB but some images are 200KB (pics are seperate).

Whats the trick here then?

  tbh72 12:35 03 Sep 2003

A website with average page sizes of 30k would allow approximately 100,000 hits per gb / bandwidth.

The above statement was read from my own hosting company, this should give you a better understanding of how many hit's / gb you will get from your site.

I would start with 1gb / month, after your website has been promoted & it generating hit's your hosting company will happy upgrade your bandwidth as and when you require. 23:50 03 Sep 2003

and did not go over that limit (just had my yearly bill) so it seems to be enough for 174 pages and many images, with a fair amount of traffic.
Depends on whether you expect a lot more traffic due to it being popular I suppose.

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