How much do I download per month?

  jimforrest 22:40 02 Oct 2012

I am about to change ISP. I'd prefer not to but Orange now insist that I have to pay for their line rental (BT at the moment) or they'll switch my internet off! I was so annoyed by this Bully-Boy stuff that I've told them to stuff it! Anyway, when I look at BT's packages they have limits on monthly downloads starting at 10gb/month. They give examples as x billion photos, y hundred films, and z billion music files etc. I actually download very little in the form of 'stuff' so I suspect that the 10gb limit will do me fine. However, what I don't know is if (say) I'm looking at pages on Fleabay, am I looking at a digital facsimile of the their server, or does my comp actually download the page? I suppose the ideal would be an app that monitors total downloads over a period - but I can't find one. Any ideas?

  onthelimit1 12:36 03 Oct 2012

Have you tried this one?

  wiz-king 16:00 03 Oct 2012

Every time you look at a web page you download it but that is not a very large amount of bandwidth. It's films and TV that eats up the usage.

  Forum Editor 10:39 04 Oct 2012

As wiz-king says, your browser downloads every web page you visit. When I first started designing web sites - about 100 years ago - the average page size was tiny, no more than 50Kb or so.

Nowadays things are rather different. As broadband has slowly become the norm, web designers have offered more and more in the way of content - images account for an average of 50% of the file size now. It's fair to say that an average web page is now nearer to 1Mb in size, and as we demand more and more in the way of rich content that will rise further.

That said, it takes an awful lot of web pages to add up to a Gigabyte, and email uses virtually no bandwidth, so unless you are a heavy YouTube user, or you download lots of films your 10Gb monthly limit should be fine.

If it helps, my home connection is a BT Infinity 10Gb package, and I have never once exceeded the limit. I don't download films, or watch much in the way of TV streaming, so that helps.

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