How much data on a normal DVD?

  buel 18:03 04 Jun 2011

Hi, I've always understood that you couldn't store/burn more than 4.7GB of data on to a normal (not dual-layer) DVD but when i use NERO Databurning i find that i can store over 8GB of data on there with no warnings/red at the bottom? Is this correct please?

  ICF 18:07 04 Jun 2011

In the bottom corner there are two selection DVD5 4.7GB and DVD9 8.5GB(Dual Layer)

  eedcam 18:08 04 Jun 2011

you cant even get 4.7 on a disc least not wiht movies the max is around 4.2 You cant possibly have 8g are you saying you have actually burnt 8 to a disc or just that Nero says you can .If the latter then its probably assuming you intend to use a DL disc. If the former wow goodbye dvd shrink Ha!

  buel 18:41 04 Jun 2011

Ha Ha, i do apologise- It's the latter!!! DOH!! Ok, unfortunately Nero says i can......unless i click my mouse on the files then it's all red!!

You see, i have used Nero Vision to extract the files from some DVDs i have as i wanted to store tham as data on, i was hoping, one DVD. (i used Nero vision to store them in a folder as opposed to just copying the files because that way they appear as VOB files)

So, i guess my new question is how can i reduce the size of the files but still keep the content?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:38 04 Jun 2011
  buel 19:58 04 Jun 2011

Hi, thank you. Rather oddly, i cant get it to 'see' the mpegs that nero vision has stored the files as?

  buel 20:27 04 Jun 2011

Please can someone tell me what files does DVD shrink recognise?

  eedcam 22:26 04 Jun 2011

HI shrink will only recopgnise either an Iso image or a video_ ts folder .and will only create either of the aforementioned Clarify exactly what you want to do Ie create a dvd that will play on a dvd player or just store your files as Mpeg. Vob files are Mpeg by the way If the former then dvd flick which is free will accept and compress to one dvd again making sure you have selected single layer.If the latter then you cannot compress an individual Mpeg2 and still retain it as an Mpeg2 you would need to choose converting to another format say Mp4

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