How much can i get for my Packard Bell Desktop?

  frangineuk 20:37 17 Mar 2010

Does anyone know how much my old desktop should be worth. Details listed below:

-About 8 years old.
-Packard Bell
-Model - I MEDIA 5095
-17" flat screen
-Intel Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz processor
-512 MB RAM
-60 GB Hard Disc
-Motherboard - Columbia 2
-Sound Chip - Stereo
-Modem - 56 kbps V.92
-Originally £1459 (copy of original receipt as proof)

I have run the recovery floppy disc so computer is as when bought.

  canarieslover 20:55 17 Mar 2010

Unfortunate fact of life is that computers lose value faster than a car. At 8 years old and with that specification it will probably fetch £50 on a very good day. If it is a modern flat screen LCD monitor then you may get a bit more, but if its a CRT monitor you have ajob giving them away.

  frangineuk 20:58 17 Mar 2010

It's a flatscreen. Thanks for the reponse !

  wee eddie 23:28 17 Mar 2010

If you can find someone to take it, get whatever it would cost you to take it to the recycling yard.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:43 18 Mar 2010

£50 tops.


  iscanut 10:21 18 Mar 2010

You will be lucky if you get the £50 !! Donate it to a local charity who has need of a computer for their own use or for teaching etc..

  ronalddonald 13:45 18 Mar 2010

you cant guarantee your computer for any faults, even in the future, new technology is always always changing, the value always goes down within a week.

You might get away selling it for parts but at 8 years old that may be impossible.

You could try flogging it to a student who is hard up for £20.00 but even then you might be lucky.

  Pineman100 15:49 18 Mar 2010

As others have said, your computer is unfortunately nearly worthless.

Do you honestly need the few pounds that it might be worth? Why not donate it to a worthy cause?

click here

  Jollyjohn 15:53 18 Mar 2010

I would give you £40 for it as long as we could meet to exchange it as postage would be prohibitive. Please send message via yellow envelope with your location. I am near Dundee. Thanks

  ronalddonald 18:06 18 Mar 2010

i dont know where frangineuk lives in the UK but it may cost more for frangineuk to travel and meet you plus carry a bulky computer unless frangineuk uses a car, unless frangineuk lives around the corner

  tullie 18:10 18 Mar 2010

Good thinking Ronald.

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