How much can a get away with sellin this PC for??

  Peter C 18:37 10 Mar 2004

Desperate for money as usual - thanks mr. blair!!

So im sellin me upstairs computer which is:

Intel Celeron 1.7 GHZ
DVD / CD-RW Combo Drive
Colour Printer
Colour Scanner

So how much can i get away with chargin for it?

Thanks in advance - much appreciated!


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:42 10 Mar 2004

£180 or £150 sans monitor.


  GaT7 19:08 10 Mar 2004

Hi Peter, you may get more if you sell parts off individually (on eBay for example) - but this is not a surety - you'll have to do some research & see how much similar parts are going for at the moment. On the other hand, if you can't have all the hassle sell the system as a whole.

PS - Can you send me a list of the components? I may be interested in something myself! Use the yellow envelope next to my username. I hope I'm not flouting Forum rules by this request.

  Peter C 19:26 10 Mar 2004

180 quid?! seriously?! i paid £550 for it only 7 12 months ago from pc world! and that was without the scanner & printer!!

if you're interested mate, yeah definately. what do you want to know about which components and i'll let u know here m8 then u can give me an offer if u like. is ebay really safe, as in if i did put it up there, and someone wanted it, am i likely to see the money?

  Terry Brown 19:56 10 Mar 2004

What is the printer, Is it still available ?.
Use the EMail envelope

  GaT7 20:21 10 Mar 2004

Have a look at similar new systems today at PC World & other retailers. Being secondhand, expect to get less - even MUCH less unfortunately : (

Yes, eBay is relatively safe - have bought about 50 items & sold one. No problems with payments or delivery (some items were a bit dodgy, though). There are few instances where someone might win & won't send you payment, but it doesn't happen that often - there are ways of getting round this too. All sellers receive payment FIRST, i.e., before they despatch anything & P+P charges are also specified - the buyer usually pays for the P+P. You must realise most buyers on eBay are after a bargain so don't expect too much for your PC-bundle, but you never know. Have a look on eBay to see what parts are going for how much.

You must decide first whether you're going to sell the parts or the bundle as a whole. If you take the plunge with the parts (excl. printer & scanner) then there may not be any turning back - if you know what I mean! If the PC is still under warranty that may work in your favour.

Wait & see what the others have to say - more heads are better than one (or two).

  norman47 20:33 10 Mar 2004

As usual is about right.

I am upgrading 5 machines at the moment with new cases and psu's. Socket A boards( lan, sound and 4 usb2)with cut down 1900+ cpu's, HSF. 256Mb of 2700DDR ram, 52X32X52 cdrw, AGP graphics card with new round ata133 IDE cables. Multimedia keyboard, optical mouse and desktop speakers.

The only thing kept are the 40 gig hard drives and monitors.

This is £130 a machine.

If I were to include the hard drive (£45 for a 80 gig) and a 17" monitor ( £75). This would bring to £250 a machine.

  GaT7 20:43 10 Mar 2004

Forgot to ask earlier - what hard disk & what sw installed (or being offered with the PC)? Also, do the main sw come with original/restore CDs?

  Peter C 20:59 10 Mar 2004

thanks for all the help, will b lookin at ebay later!

40GB Hard-Drive.
Yes, the original/restore CD will come with the computer!

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