how to move Save games etc from C to D

  Tim-Ruben Rambø Jørgensen 11:32 31 Dec 2016

soo i play a lot of games and mod them and so on. soo i need some help to move stuff to D drive soo i dont use too much space on my C drive. my D drive is 2TB and my C drive is 117GB but only has 98GB left.

soo my question is how to i change soo all my save games from documents etc get move to my D drive instead of C drive ?

I already know how to change my steam folders etc from C to D.


  Tim-Ruben Rambø Jørgensen 12:47 31 Dec 2016

is my best option to just install 1TB HDD and install my os there ? i just want some option here thx

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:59 31 Dec 2016

OS needs to be left on the C: Drive which really need 20% free to work well.

To save space on C: you need to move your data files such as documents pictures and vies etc to the HDD. See here on how to move user folders

Always useful to use something like CCleaner free to remove junk files plus you can delete restore points (last one grayed out for safety) with it as well.

  Tim-Ruben Rambø Jørgensen 14:00 31 Dec 2016

can i move my os to SSHD i got an 1TB that i can use :) ? if not ima follow the tutorial u just gave me :)

  wee eddie 14:46 31 Dec 2016

Re-save the Games. This time select "Save As" and specify the Drive you wish to save them on.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:19 31 Dec 2016

the SSHD will only have a small amount of room in solid sate your better off leaving the OS on a the proper 117 SSD

  Tim-Ruben Rambø Jørgensen 15:22 31 Dec 2016

i use my SSHD as an external hard drive and it has tons of space O_O. soo i dont see where it dosent have space ROFL!

  Tim-Ruben Rambø Jørgensen 16:08 31 Dec 2016

ok soo just to be clear i only need to move my user folder right or do i have to move documents and all that stuff too ? and when i save my game will it detect that document folder is moved ETC ?

THX :)

next reply i hope to get a proper answear thanks in advance :)

  alanrwood 16:23 31 Dec 2016

You have had a proper answer in FruitBat's 13.59 post.

Leave your operating system on the SSD and move all your personal folders to the HDD. If you use the method shown then Windows will automatically use them as default.

  wee eddie 16:24 31 Dec 2016

Running Games from an External Drive is going to , unnecessarily, slow things down.

The usual setup is to have an SSD as the C Drive, holding the OS and Working Software, and a larger Hard Drive as the holder of Files and Storage

  alanrwood 16:25 31 Dec 2016

+1 wee eddie. That is what we keep saying.

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