How to move my Router to another room

  ponytail 10:48 26 Jan 2017

I want to move my router to the bedroom as the wife is rearranging the current location the problem is the only phone socket upstairs is just a ordinary phone socket.I need a socket with a phone socket and a internet socket and I dont think there is even a phone signal going into this socket.I presume I can get the socket at any electrical retailer but will need to get it connected to the supply.Is there any way round this problem.The router is a HUAWEI HG633.

  wee eddie 11:09 26 Jan 2017

Your Router MUST be directly connected to your Telephone Master Socket, otherwise you will get a considerably degraded signal.

If you need to extend its range to another part of the house, some form of Home Plug system is the way to go. It makes sense to get the type that have a "Pass Through" facility so that you are not blocking more than one Power Socket.

  hssutton 11:17 26 Jan 2017

First of all plug in a phone and check the extension, if it works just buy an ADLS filter. ADLS filter As an alternative use a WI-Fi dongle. Wi-Fi dongle. Or of course you could pay someone to repair the line if faulty and install the socket of your choice.

  ponytail 11:39 26 Jan 2017

The socket I want to use has been disconnected a phone will not work in it.At present the router is downstairs and the socket it is plugged into has a phone socket at the bottom and the router is plugged in just above it and the upstairs socket just has the phone socket no socket to plug the router into.When you say wi-fi dongle how does that work

  Jollyjohn 11:46 26 Jan 2017

Do you have high speed broadband? I think you might from the description of the phone socket and the type of router you have. If this is the case you cannot move the router from that phone socket, there is a built in filter for the high speed capability.

To confirm you are on high speed, open your routers status page page and look for DSL connection type. If it says VDSL or VDSL2 then you are on high speed.

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