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How to move music files from Android phone to iPad

  stlucia2 11:55 01 Jul 2019

Is there a simple way I can copy my music files from my Android Samsung phone to my 2019 iPad, please?

The internet has pointed me to an Android app by Apple, called 'Move to iOS', which I've installed on my phone. Now it wants to get a ten-digit code from my iPad as follows, 'make sure you are in iPhone Setup and have selected "Move data from Android".' The first problem is I can't find iPhone Setup on my iPad, and a search also reveals no 'Move data from Android'.

So, do I need a different app for transfer to an iPad rather than an iPhone -- they both use iOS don't they? Then will I need a connecting cable, or will it all happen by Bluetooth? If the latter, I've got another problem because even though my two devices are paired in Bluetooth, they won't connect to each other.

  stlucia2 13:43 01 Jul 2019

Thanks GOM, but I forgot to say I'm away from home at the moment, so have no access to my PC. I was hoping that maybe there's a way to do it by a simple cable connection from my phone's micro USB port to whatever they call the port on my iPad. I'm new to iOS, so I don't even know if it will play MP3 files.

  bremner 17:26 01 Jul 2019

I do not think you can do what has been suggested.

However once you have the files on the PC you can use iTunes to sync them to the iPad

  stlucia2 08:24 02 Jul 2019

Ok, I can get them to my Google Drive, albeit slowly, and my iPad can access Drive too, so maybe iTunes can sync from there? But 'sync' doesn't sound right -- I want the files to reside on my iPad so I don't have to have internet access to play them.

  stlucia2 10:13 02 Jul 2019

Thanks, but I doubt a 'desktop' app is going to work for me at the moment. When I get back home to my PC I can see that I'll probably have no problem.

Since my last post I've been looking for iTunes, but all I can find is Apple Music, which was preinstalled on my iPad, and iTunes Remote, neither of which appear to have an option to play, or import, music that isn't in the iTunes store.

So for the rest of this trip it looks like I'll have to be content with streaming my favourite radio station on my iPad, or playing my own library on my phone's tiny speaker.

  x13 17:32 02 Jul 2019

Not sure if this helps, seems to transfer videos or documents only(?), but worth a look anyway. Might even be more similar apps available.

You Tube .

  stlucia2 08:29 03 Jul 2019

Thanks a million x13, as you say, there may be other apps out there, but this one has done the job for me -- just copied over an Everley Brothers album (that dates me!), and played one of the tracks successfully on my iPad to test it.

  Fanny85 09:03 22 Jul 2019

Through Bluetooth and shareit app

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