How to move data/settings to a new computer

  Amer 17:15 29 Feb 2008

Hi Everyone,

Sorry if this is a basic question(s), but wanted some advie re following. I have brought a new comp as current one seems to be dying. How can I do the following.

1. I want to use Microsoft Outlook for e mail on new comp. Where is the relevant folder stored that I need to copy across from my old to new computer re all my e mails and addresses? Can I install Outlook on my new machine (I have disk) and somehow copy a folder into system from old machine which will replicate my current e mails/contacts

2. How do I copy my favourites and desktop short cuts across? Can simply copy the folders onto a CD and then paste on new computer.

3. I have songs on itunes. I will install itunes on new machine but how do I move my current music across to new computer.

Any advice appreciated.
Will check for replies tomorrow evening

Many thanks


  Bogbrain 17:27 29 Feb 2008

What exactly do you mean by 'I have brought a new comp as current one seems to be dying'. It might be possible just to 'revive' your existing pc if you supplied more details as to its imminent demise.
I think Microsoft Outlook is installed by default - to keep existing contact details use your import / export function to save and carry across to a new installation.
Same with your favourites - use the save copy import / export function to copy across any favourites you want to retain or just copy them to a removeable media such as a memory stick or floppy disk.
Again as far as I know back up iTunes media to a cd or dvd and just copy them across. As I don't use iTunes stuff maybe someone else can expand on how you need to do this.
But as I said, first establish why exactly you want to kill of your existing machine a sit may be possible to salvage it.

  Pamy 17:36 29 Feb 2008

Depending on operating system say XP, Start, All progs, Accessories, System tools, Files and Settings, Transfer Wizard.

  WeWillFixIT Ltd 17:44 29 Feb 2008

Hi Amer,
Are you using Outlook or Outlook Express ? (This is the free, less utilities than Outlook and is included with Windows)

Do you have a USB Key ? (small finger size usb hard disk) Just plug in the USB key, copy and paste your files and folders and you are away. I wouldnt bother copying the shortcuts as these can cause issues if you do not check the locations are exactly the same on the new pc as the old. Just create new shortcuts which will only take you a minute to do.

With Itunes, just copy the music and install in the same folder on the new pc as the old pc. Itunes stores your music within the MY MUSIC folder in MY DOCUMENTS, you will find a folder called ITUNES, just copy this and paste it in the MY MUSIC folder on the new PC. Simple!

  Amer 17:50 29 Feb 2008

I am using Windows XP

My machine has been giving probles for some time, have posted various queries on this forum and got plent yof usedul tips, but all in aal I think time for newer machine.

I have USB stick and my comp has ability to burn CD/DVDs so could copy data onto that.

I like Outlook as it also has calendar facility which I think Express lacks.

So when I use these import/export facilities, will they prompt me to save to a CD etc.? And then I just do reverse on new machine, i.e import to new machine.

Pamy your suggestion re transfer wizard under system tools, I have never seen before but have just found it after your post. This sounds like a good bet, is it idiot proof?


  Pamy 17:56 29 Feb 2008

nothing is idiot proof as I am sure you know with computers. You will obviously have to connect the two computers together some way( crossover cable) or via router etc

  WeWillFixIT Ltd 22:42 29 Feb 2008

Hi Amer,

Correct, Outlook Express is only useful for those who do not use Office documents and only use the PC for basic browsing or gaming, it lack's a huge amount of functionality, no Calendar, tasks, shareable calendars or global contacts etc.

You could use transfer wizard, or you could just export your contacts to a CSV file which is under import and export, export contacts to a destination of your choice and move this to the new machine.
Then go to C:\Documents and Settings\(choose your name profile)\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft you want to copy the Outlook folder as this contains your PST file (this file contains all of your emails etc.) you then want to paste this to the same location on the new PC.

Good luck

  Amer 19:07 02 Mar 2008

Thank you everyone.

Just got back on line with new computer and am following your advice and so far so good


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