How to merge mp3 files to produce one larger mp3 f

  seamus87 23:43 28 Apr 2017

Want to produce oneMP3 file from approx 50 mp3 files. All are speech.

Can you suggest a way of doing this? At present I have tostart each file after previous file finished. Very boring!

Thanks for help.


  Forum Editor 23:54 28 Apr 2017
  Habeeb Okhai 00:04 29 Apr 2017

Use audacity (it's free and good)

  rdave13 00:10 29 Apr 2017

Or merge mp3 from

  BRYNIT 00:44 29 Apr 2017

What program are you using to play these files? Why go to the effort of merging these files as most audio programs allow you to create a play list allowing continue playback. If you ever need to stop and go back to a particular speech file you would have to search through the MP3 whereas with a play list you can just start from any of the files.

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