how to memtest86

  Europa 20:18 05 Nov 2006

I have something wrong with my system and I was told it might be one of the memory stick.
I want to run memtest86, but it uses DOS and I have never use DOS applications before.
I got as far as having memtest on a floppy, then the DOS windows appear, telling me to type the drive used. I tried all combinations to indicate that it uses the floppy driver A but it refuses all.
I need help to get pass this stage and carry on a successful test.
Thank you.

  ashdav 20:23 05 Nov 2006

Set your computer to boot from floppy first in the bios.
Then boot up with the memtest floppy in the drive.
You can't use it from within Windows.

  ashdav 20:26 05 Nov 2006

Just to warn you the test takes hours.

  Europa 21:03 05 Nov 2006

Thanks ashdav, I'll keep that in mind.

  keef66 14:22 06 Nov 2006

It will run forever if you let it; you have to stop it.

In my experience it finds errors straight away if you have defective ram, so I just let it complete each test once.

  ashdav 00:47 07 Nov 2006

Any luck ?
As keef66 says if you have a problem with your RAM it will probably show up in the first few tests (the screen will go red, blue is a pass).

  Europa 21:55 07 Nov 2006

Sorry, I haven't done the test yet, I don't really have any time during the week, long working hours, I'll give it a go at the weekend, I'll be posting the results then.
I don't seem to have had the blue screen anymore since tuesday last week, I am hoping that whatever was creating that error STOP:0x0000009c has been solved by some miracle, but I doubt it.
Could some dust create such an error?

  ashdav 10:40 08 Nov 2006

I had a similar problem recently and cured it by removing the RAM and reseating it.
Dust on the cpu heatsink will give you the same problem as it may overheat.
If you can carefully unscrew the fan from the heatsink clean it out with a 2" paintbrush and blow the dust away.

  ashdav 10:41 08 Nov 2006

Obviously do this with the mains off.

  Europa 17:28 08 Nov 2006

I have a window in the case and I noticed that there is an awful lot of dust in there. I suppose if the dust start to settle on some parts, it can create errors.
What about static? I've read somewhere that you need an antistatic wristband before getting into the case.
What is the best way to clean the dust in a case?

  ashdav 00:51 09 Nov 2006

keep your hand on the case while you do any cleaning.
This will make sure there are no potential differences between you and the computer.
Use a brush to dislodge the dust then just blow it away.
If you want to you can use a nozzle on your vacuum cleaner and suck out a lot of it first.

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