How Many Partitions?

  ZEROTOLERANCE 22:50 18 Jun 2004

i have just discovered the second hand hd i was about to instal on my puter is only 340mb and not 40 gb as i had thought,

my question therefore is, can i partition my already partitioned 20gb HD(originaly 10gb) again? and if so what if any probs could it cause?

thanx ZT

  SANTOS7 22:58 18 Jun 2004

340Mb HDD is there such an animal seems a tad small

  ZEROTOLERANCE 23:02 18 Jun 2004

its a very old machine (10yrs)

  ZEROTOLERANCE 23:04 18 Jun 2004

i have another, thats only 212mb

  THE TERMINATOR 23:04 18 Jun 2004

If you get PARTITION MAGIC from powerquest you can patition away, without the worry of anything on your drive. but I agree with SANTOS7 are you sure about that drive size....TT

  SANTOS7 23:08 18 Jun 2004

Zero you giving away your age slowly here, partition magic is about the best tool for what you want to do but i think a better option would be to buy another new HDD of a size conducive to your needs and partition that if you need to

  ZEROTOLERANCE 23:13 18 Jun 2004

the trouble is im only a poor student, as for the size of the old HD this is what it says on the sticker.

drive parameters= 768cyl 14 heads 62 sectors 341.3 mb

  lixdexik 23:40 18 Jun 2004

and tried to fit into another newer caused a lot of problems.

The old drive was a LBA mode3 I think I am right in saying..and this did not like the newer system that was UDMA100..It took the bios a long time to find the drive and when it did the drive would not work..the real bummer was that the bios had been mucked up in the process and now only sees my UDMA100 drives as I would say be careful before you try to use this old drive in a newer machine......If your drive is only 340Mb then it is hardly worth partitioning even if it works..

I hope this helps..
Cheers Lixdexik.

  lixdexik 23:44 18 Jun 2004

and would say that THE TERMINATOR is right partition magic is the way to go.

Cheers Lixdexik

  ZEROTOLERANCE 23:55 18 Jun 2004

i take it that the demo will allow me to partition a drive? and that ya'll meant using the part magic for the 20 gb drive ? yes?
hope so bcos thats what i meant.
thanx for all advice


  Peter 00:15 19 Jun 2004


I don't think the demo versions of Partition Magic will actually allow you to actually change the partition(s) on your hard drive. It just shows you how to do so. You will probably have to buy the full package to do that. There may be a four partition limit per hard drive unless you start to use extended partitons.


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