how many more thunderbird updates

  mrgrumpy 12:32 08 Nov 2019

it only seems like 2 weeks ago I got the infamous green arrow saying thunderbird has been updated , it did not update via the update tab I had to go to website and get the new version.

today its happened again , so I checked the site and yes its gone from 68.2.0 to the 68.2.2 build , last time I got a new version I lost my address book , language pack and dictonary and had to re-enter all my email addresses.

Just curious why a new version after only 2 weeks and why it cant be done through update tab in program.

  alanrwood 15:15 08 Nov 2019

It can be done through the update tab. I have done so on 10 machines.

  mrgrumpy 16:36 08 Nov 2019

Hi alan I have mentioned this in the past , if I click on update tab it says I am up to date but if I go to website it says their is a newer version so I just install newer version over the top of what I have.

  Forum Editor 09:20 10 Nov 2019

Moved to Tech Helproom from Speakers Corner.

  Forum Editor 09:22 10 Nov 2019

"Just curious why a new version after only 2 weeks"

Presumably it is because the software company felt it necessary. They don't do it just for fun, and frankly I don't see the problem.

  mrgrumpy 12:55 10 Nov 2019

Good morning to you FE. whilst I accept that they must be updating for a reason I must add that their system is flawed. I have just launched thunderbird and the little green arrow top right popped up again to tell me I am running an outdated version. I have 68.2.2.

I went to the website and clicked the download button and the download banner that appears at the bottom of the screen asked me if I wanted to run or save 68.2.2.

I don't get how I can be told I need to update then get offered the same version.

BTW I tried to join the mozzilla thunderbird forum but when I tried to register it said I was blocked because of spamming , how could I be blocked from southing I have never used ?

  alanrwood 10:01 12 Nov 2019

Mr G

It would appear you have a [problem with your T/B installation as after using T/B for many years on up to 10 machines I have never experienced your problem. As the problem seems to carry through I would just suggest that you try making a new clean profile. In the run box type "thunderbird.exe -p" and create a new profile. See if the problem still exists. If so I would revert to the original profile and try a completely clean install but save the existing profile in a new location for the facility to restore it should you need to.

  Forum Editor 13:33 13 Nov 2019

"how could I be blocked from southing I have never used ?"

Perhaps your email address has somehow found its way onto a spam register.

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