How many mins of video can DIGITAL camcorders hold

  JE-KM 12:58 09 Mar 2005

I mean...with only, say 8mb of memory, how can they compete with miniDV?

I am wanting to buy a camcorder but how many minutes will the solid states hold?


  Chegs ® 13:05 09 Mar 2005

One of the world's smallest MPEG-2 camcorders, the Panasonic D-Snap SV-AV100 measures a scant 1.25 by 2.1 by 3.5 inches. But don't let that size fool you: the camera's surprisingly rich feature set includes a 10X optical zoom, a sharp 2.5-inch LCD, and video storage on SD media rather than tapes. For such a tiny device, the SV-AV100 shoots exceptional MPEG-2 movies, but a typical MiniDV model will still do better, and the supplied 512MB SD card holds a mere 10 minutes of highest-quality footage. Still, there's no denying that this pocket-size D-Snap could serve as a blueprint for future camcorders.

  john-232317 13:08 09 Mar 2005

Depends on the tapes and how much battery you have got, mine do 60 mins SP, 90 mins LP. Whats the 8 mb you mention ???

  JE-KM 13:26 09 Mar 2005

digital solid-state cameras use flash memory. most of them only come with 8 megabytes. i cant see how that will hold more than a few seconds.

why would anyone want that?

  Chegs ® 14:53 09 Mar 2005

I have a miniDV camcorder.I am quite happy with the results,although set to record in LP I get 90mins of recording,but the chuffing battery gives up after 60mins.I was watching a bit on TV about Digital Camcorders,they said that the best one to get used a DVD-RW,and the latest generation were switching over to a mini HD.If I had the money,I would still buy a mini tape camcorder,as these are interchangable with my mothers camcorder,and thats about all I ever use my camera for,recording my daughter. :-)

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