How many hard drives

  dark-horse 14:34 05 Apr 2005

How many hard drives can you fit to one computer and what would I need to do it (apart from the hard drives, of course). I would like to fit 6x200GB disks.

  Daz35 14:38 05 Apr 2005
  Catastrophe 14:41 05 Apr 2005

It depends on how many PCI IDE cards you want to add. As far as I know 6 (HDDs) is no problem. 2 to your mobo plus DVD (1 or 2) or a third HDD. Two more PCIs will give you another 4 HDDs. I had trouble putting my DVDs on PCIs when I wanted to format and re-load.

I have one pc with 4 HDDs, DVD-RAM drive and DVD super multi but more are possible.

May have to increase power unit? Someone will know.

  DieSse 14:42 05 Apr 2005

Yes it's possible to fit six - but there's a lot of considerations

Every (modern) system has two IDE ports which can have two devices fitted. Devices have to include the CD/DVD and such things as Zip Drives.

Many now also have Serial ATA ports - normally two, each of which can have one drive fitted.

You can also buy plug in IDE controllers, which can have one or more ports, each of which can have two devices.

Or, more normally for multiple drives you can fit SCSI cards, which can have several drives fitted.

You could also fit USB drives, the quantity of which would depend on how many USB ports you have - which can be loads. This also solves the power and space situation, as external drives can have their own cases and power units.

Otherwise you would need another case, and suitable cabling. Or a much larger RAID/Server case, which alraedy caters for such things.

  jimv7 14:53 05 Apr 2005

If you wish to go this way, 1 scsi card can support 29 devices. Of course you will have to upgrade your psu to feed all these drives, which by the way are a lot faster than ide or sata.

  Catastrophe 14:58 05 Apr 2005

I assumed you wanted 6 physical HDDs? There is a prog called Hyperos which allows you to operate (I think now about 15-20) different OS from one disk.

Google Hyperos. Incidentally this also allows you to operate your OS in RAM drive.

  TomJerry 15:07 05 Apr 2005


  Daz35 17:10 05 Apr 2005

The chap in the link I posted earlier had 6 internal drives and only a 350W PSU!

  billyliv 17:18 05 Apr 2005

Hi, I installed a PCI IDE card which runs 4 hard drives No problems at all. 6 in total. Cheers, Bill

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