Blackjaguar 04:58 28 Jun 2008

How many people can manage a small portal?

  Forum Editor 19:32 28 Jun 2008

in more detail I'm afraid - what exactly is it that you need to know?

I assume you're talking about a Content management system, and if that's the case there's no theoretical limit to the number of people who can use the system to make changes.

  Blackjaguar 02:50 29 Jun 2008

How many people can manage a portal website,including content management etc.How easy for one person to manage,if so what are the necessary requirements.Maybe you help to disinguish between a website, a portal and a webmaster.

  Forum Editor 23:53 29 Jun 2008

to manage the content on any website you can do it in two ways:

1. provide everyone with access to the software that was used to create the site in the first place, and allow them to change the content. the problem here is that one person can overwrite another person's changes.

2. Use a Content Management system to give people access only to specific areas of the site, so that they can upload text and image changes, but they can't alter the layout, the colours or the structure.

A portal is simply a website by another name - portals are usually places where site users can access other resources, or use links to other, related websites.

A webmaster is a person who controls the day to day maintenance of a website - he or she may be the person who originally designed the site, or someone appointed by the site's owners to supervise maintenance and make alterations to content.

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