How to Manually Eject a CD?

  PaddyofNine2003 16:56 20 Mar 2004

Has anyone ever heard of a CD drive with no emergency release "hole" on the front of it? I refer to my earlier post (click here. The CD is still stuck in the drive and there is definitely no hole on the front of it!

Anyone know of any other way to disengage a drive? As soon as I turn on the PC, the 'Busy' light on the drive remains lit, and the BIOS still won't recognise it.


Can anyone help?

  sicknote 17:05 20 Mar 2004

If you can open the PC up (with it switched off)disconnect power and ide cables to burner.Restart PC, once up and running turn pc off,connect cables again and try restarting

  pj123 17:09 20 Mar 2004

No. I have 8 computers (I teach IT) and all of them have CD drives. They are all different makes and all of them have "emergency release holes" in the front (I have just checked). I reckon your best bet is to remove it from the PC and take it apart and get the disk out that way. Then chuck it in the bin and buy a new one.

  Totally-braindead 17:21 20 Mar 2004

Once the power is off, you can force the tray out using a screwdriver or something similar, I've done it once as I'd nothing to loose by doing it, but you have to be very careful you don't break the gears or the tray door. Personally I'd do what pj123 says and take out the drive and dismantle it to get the disk out. You can try the prying the door open idea if you like it will work but there is a good chance that you'll break it. If the drive is new why not take it back to where you got it and get them to get the disk out as well as replacing the drive, after all it would be better if they break it rather than you.

  Totally-braindead 17:27 20 Mar 2004

I see from your original thread that the drive is fairly new so I'd take it back to where you got it from and get them to get the disk out.
By the way, are you any relation to Seven of Nine and if so any chance of an introduction?

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