How to make windows 8 look like windows 7 with totally free program please?

  julius44 19:34 29 Sep 2013

Hello and good evening to you. I have 2 work colleagues that I have to help with their laptops please. They have windos 8 laptops, and they COMPLETELY wish to change the user interface to windows 7, ie. start, my computer, just the ease of use that windows 7 has for users. They do not like the feel of windows 8 at all, and they've had their laptops for 2 months now. My desktop is windows 7, and I love the feel of it lol. They are after something that is 100% free, no adware, spyware, pop ups etc and no charge. Just something that thy install from a reputable website and will FULLY change the layout to a windows 7 format. The want to remove all the tiles, etc

  rdave13 20:15 29 Sep 2013

I would wait for the 8.1 update promised next month before using third party software.

At the start screen if desktop app is selected then you go to Win 7 mode anyway. You can pin a lot of tiles to the taskbar then move to the desktop.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:27 29 Sep 2013

17th OCt Win 8.1 is a free download basically a service pack for windows 8 to make it work like windows 7.

If they can't wait then see here windows 8 start button

  BRYNIT 20:59 29 Sep 2013

If you can't wait you could try Ex7ForW8 Click here for info, you will need any win 7 disk to copy a few files over.

  Secret-Squirrel 22:39 29 Sep 2013

Julius, I've installed the totally free "Classic Shell" for a few Windows 8 users and they've all been very happy with it. It basically adds the familiar Start button and options (Programs, Computer, My Documents, etc) that your friends are looking for and also enables the PC to skip the new-fangled Windows 8 "Start Screen" and boot straight to the Desktop. There's a brief tutorial and link to the download here.

"17th OCt Win 8.1 is a free download basically a service pack for windows 8 to make it work like windows 7."

Fruit Bat, no, it'll make Windows 8 work like Windows 8.1 ;) For example, the update does add a Start button but pressing it just takes the user to Start screen with all the apps and large coloured tiles that a lot of people hate so much. However one useful new feature is the option to boot direct to the desktop in the same way as Classic Shell. I can't see anything else in the update that brings back Windows 7 functionality. Or do you know something I don't?

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