how make Win Med Player the default

  driving man 21:43 28 Nov 2005


I am having trouble making my Win Med Player 10 the default for downloaded video.
Am on XP home and using aol B/Band. Aol wanted to use its own media player. I stopped that but now apples "quick time" takes over. Go on, someone please tell me what buttons to press

  Skyver 22:06 28 Nov 2005

From within Media Player, select Tools/Options/Filetypes and put a tick in the relevan t box.

  driving man 22:20 28 Nov 2005

Skyver I have already done that, all options in the media player box are ticked.So now just dont know where to go now. It is something to do with this particular PC as my other ones dont have this problem. I have checked all settings on this laptop against those on the desk top and they match ---- so as I say I am hacked off with it now --- any further ideas appreciated.


  Skyver 22:31 28 Nov 2005

Open a command prompt and type `regsvr32 wmpshell.dll`, then try a video file.

  driving man 22:48 28 Nov 2005

Still no luck will work on an idividual basis but if I go to my car manufacturers website and try to watch the Miasano video it always reverts to quick time. Also I dont seem to be given the opportunity to save the download and then choose how to run it. It runs automaticly wheras on my old dial up it loaded to file first and then I could choose with what to watch it --hope this makes sense.

  Skyver 03:12 30 Nov 2005

It it's a recent version of QT (6+) they seem to have done that specifically to prevent people saving movies, you have to pay for the Pro version - or use Quicktime Alternative click here. Perhaps the video is Quicktime format anyway, so it won't play in WMP no matter what you do, the .mov format is specific to Quicktime.

  Sapins 10:28 30 Nov 2005

Go to Start/Control Panel/Set Programme Access and Defaults/click on button to the right of Custom.

You can choose your default Media Player from there.

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