How to make a recovery disc

  Rodders 23:36 25 Nov 2008

Recently got a nasty browser hijacking bug so I decided to reinstall the OS and everything on a freshly formatted partition. It needed doing anyway.

Now, before I start (ab)using the machine I want to create a backup plan which will hopefully involve me putting a CD/DVD into the tray, booting up and watching how everything is restored to how it is currently.

I believe this is possible to some extent. If so, how? What software do I need to use to create such a disc, and are there any other tips?


  woodchip 23:41 25 Nov 2008

Buy Acronis True Image, then create a Image of the drive to a External Drive. This can be put back at any time that you have problems in a very short time. You can create Images in stages After loading Programs and or Hardware. If it does not work just load last good Image you made

  Rodders 23:49 25 Nov 2008

OK. It sounds very nice and simple, but the main drawback is expense. I don't own an external drive currently. I will look into getting one and Acronis True Image in the near future.

In the meantime, can anyone recommend OpenSource of Freeware options?

  jarani 00:06 26 Nov 2008

I believe MS Windows have a backup faclity
which you can use - never done it myself
check it out on the win XP or whatever OS you have
it will have instructions attached - good luck

  robgf 01:09 26 Nov 2008

The only reliable freeware, open source software that I know of, requires two partitions, or a second hard drive.
So you would split your HD into two partitions, with your OS on one and data on the other. Images of the first partition would be stored on the second.
This protects you against corruption of your OS, but not from HD failure.

Free softwaret to partition your HD try:
click here
click here

For free drive/partition imaging software:
click here

To use Driveimage you will need to create a boot CD by using Barts PE Builder and the DriveImage XML plugin (instructions on web site, it's much easier than it sounds).
You need the boot CD, because the installable version of Driveimage cannot restore the image of an active partition, but the boot CD can.

I used Driveimage myself for a while and it works very well (remember to turn compression on).
Magazines often have giveaways of older versions of Acronis Trueimage and this is vastly superior if you can find it.

  cwham 01:13 26 Nov 2008

try this link this is a freeware program
click here

  Pine Man 16:10 26 Nov 2008

Following on from what Woodchip said, if you are serious about backing up and expect what you have backed up to actually restore, then you have no alternative, IMHO, other than to get Acronis True Image.

If you are using Vista you need the latest edition but if it's XP or older you would be perfectly safe with version 9, which you can get very cheap and save your image to DVD. Obviously the bigger your o/s and programs the more DVDs you will need and I have to agree that the best solution is either an external drive or, to save money an additional internal hard drive.

  Rodders 20:32 26 Nov 2008

It would seem that True Image can be bought for £30 from Play and Amazon, so that seems like a good price.
I'll need to investigate external and internal drive options. I think a larger external one would suit as a photo archive too.

  masterfrm 12:14 18 Feb 2009

I suggest to use Acronis True Image Home Or R-Drive Image Software for creating Recovery Disc OR same to same drive image. Recently, I used Acronis True Image Home software for creating backup drive image. You can select manually files, folders for creating backup. Its fantastic software for creating backup drive image and files & folders. When my OS crashed, I restored my system drive by using Backup Disk Image and its work very well and my trouble was solved. If you want more details, Check this site >>>>> click here

  woodchip 19:02 18 Feb 2009

Windows Backup is no good if Windows is not on the Drive, and as to be in working order for to restore the backup. So I would forget that one

  bjh 19:13 18 Feb 2009

That's FREE!!! Well, almost free,...

Buy this month's Personal Computer World... Has a free version of Acronis 10 Home on it (along with a stonking collection of other full version software for hard drive copy/reinstall/restore.

It's got a couple of the Paragon Hard Disk suite thingies on there too... and, if you manually search the disk, there are a couple of other Paragon full versions hiding ....

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