How to make pictures and text secure on website

  jacobjohn7 14:42 24 Nov 2009

Please could someone help me out, if there is a nice quick and easy way to do this, the package I use is Dreamweaver. Any help appreciated.

  Forum Editor 18:49 24 Nov 2009

by 'How to make pictures and text secure'.

If by that you mean how do your stop other people from copying your images and text, the answer is that you don't - there's no sure-fire, guaranteed method of doing it.

  Ansolan 19:52 24 Nov 2009

Just to add to the above sadly accurate advice, you could also try click here although this is limited if you are using the free facility.

If you are copied and the pages are indexed. Google's click here system is worthwhile at times and some hosts will listen to complaints. All after the event of course and by no means always effective.

If there are particular images you want to protect, using flash can help a little. Still not foolproof and likely to exclude them from search indexing if that happens to be relevant.

  jacobjohn7 12:34 25 Nov 2009

I would be happy if I could just make the text so that it not selectable to copy/paste. Would be a start.
And also, been on other sites, and if you right click on an image it sometimes says... 'on your bike' or something 'witty' like that, and protects it from being saved.
Just small measures, and may add a bit of security ongoing from the masses, but obviously not people like your good selves.

  babybell 15:06 25 Nov 2009

Pictures - Impossible. I can just go to your site, press the 'Print Screen' button on my keyboard, paste the image into paint and select the picture that way. The Sun website disables right clicking to deter people from copying the image, this works, but only if people do not know the 'Print Screen' workaround.

  jacobjohn7 20:35 25 Nov 2009

agreed babybell, you can get the pic that way, but quality will have gone down. but get your point.

  cycoze 22:02 25 Nov 2009

As pointed out a couple of times you will not stop someone who has made their mind up to get your images and text.

Images, can be watermarked to deter anyone taking them, there are scripts available to stop right clicking, these can be configured to give the messages you have mentioned, have a look at click here , also click here and one without a message click here

You can also type your text and save it as an image which will stop people copy and pasting the text, but as fourm member has already pointed out they can still type it themselves.

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