How to make pictures best for websites

  andy63walsh 19:16 08 Oct 2010

I'm using Gimp2 to edit my pictures. I try to save them with less of a file size, under 20kb so that the pictures don't take forever to load on peoples pc's, but when I lower the quality in jpg format the picture starts to look very poor.
Some pictures I take with my 9 mega pix camera, I lower the pix to 2, but when editing the pics look poor.
If I cut and paste from the net, it is still the same problem.
Is there a way to keep a decent picture with less file size (under 20KB) ??

  cycoze 20:59 08 Oct 2010

That depends on what dimensions your saved images are, 1024x768px will look awful and pixelated, a 700x525px will still look iffy, but a 400x300px or smaller would look fine.

  andy63walsh 09:28 09 Oct 2010

On some pictures they need to be big, well long and narrow, like my click here it come out rubbish, you can't see much. Others are pixelated quite bad !

  anchor 14:29 09 Oct 2010

The days when most of us were on dial-up internet access have gone; (at least in developed countries). This means one does not need to keep pictures sizes so very small.

I have a moving panorama site, where the average picture size is around 300 - 330k, and have no complaints. I maintain a balance between picture size and JPG compression using Paint shop pro, and the quality is good. If you have Java installed, you might like to try this:

click here

  andy63walsh 15:37 02 Dec 2010

The pictures are good when I start, but like I say, quite a high res, so i make them about 20 to 25kb, do you think above that will be ok. I don't want to clog up my server also as I have about 10,000 pictures

  andy63walsh 15:40 02 Dec 2010

Now I can't work out how to put two different pictures on as one, ie, cut and paste, when I do it the pasted one looks invisible until I pull it over the existing picture, but this is no good as you then can't see the both !

  anchor 09:54 03 Dec 2010

20-25kb images will look awful; that size is really only any use for thumbnails.

  andy63walsh 12:32 03 Dec 2010

they do look crap to be honest, what should i go for ? 40kb?

  anchor 14:07 03 Dec 2010

This is an example of what I do. The original jpg of this picture taken in Crete is 1.48Mb.

I use Paint Shop Pro, (not familiar with Gimp), resized it to 95 pixels/inch resolution and 4" high. Then added a bit of sharpening with the unsharp mask. Saved it using the jpg optimiser to just 50Kb.

Here is the result:

click here

I think you will agree the quality is more than acceptable.

  anchor 14:35 03 Dec 2010

Just had an idea to show you the differences. I have loaded both the original and reduced size pictures onto my web space.

click here

Of course, the original being 1.48MB, will be slower to download.

  andy63walsh 16:47 03 Dec 2010

Thanks, the pics look great.
So do you think when I get them to 50k or near they will be ok, load fast enough etc?
I just joined that site where you put your pics, it doesn't say much there, but I assume it is a storeage place free for pics ?

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