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  Teasle 14:03 04 Apr 2004

Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I have just completed a web site for my friend’s equestrian business. This is the first one I have done apart from my own hobby site. So I am still on steep learning curve. My problem is the time it takes for the pages to appear on the browser.
I know the site is image intensive so I may have to make some changes in this respect but what I don’t understand is the large difference between the upload time on my computer and that of my friend’s and my Dad’s.
On my PC W98se using IE6 and 56k modem it is quite slow – enough to be a bit annoying and to make views click off and go some where else; on my friend’s PC, using AOL and 56k speed, it is very quick so they are impressed and don’t won’t it changed but on my Dad’s, WXP, 56k speed using BT Openworld and IE6, it is soooo slow, time to put the kettle on and make a cup of tea but I did notice it was ‘storing’ the pages so if you clicked on a page already visited it did not need to upload as it was already there.
I have tried these PCs a few times and the speed is always similar. This is the web site click here. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  caast©? 19:11 04 Apr 2004

Looked at the site, I have BB and loads instantly, every link. Cannot tell you about 56K.

However is the site created on your friends PC, if it is, the faster speed, may be because all the files are in the cache, so is reading from his HDD rather than the web.

Just a thought, as I had a similar problem way back, I thought the site was pretty fast but when veiwed on another (My Brothers) PC it took quite a while to load, however not as long as you suggest.

Check the picture files to see how big they are, some graphic editing software should give you an idea of how long it will take to load, at various modem speeds.

  Teasle 20:13 04 Apr 2004

Thanks caast©? for having a look. It looks like I will have to address the problem by reviewing the image sizes. I had already taken this into consideration as I use Photoimpact for image editing and it does as you say but perhaps as there are so many image files the seconds are all adding up!
Thanks again

  Talented Monkey 00:13 05 Apr 2004

Yes your site will take ages for a slow dialup to load. Main culprits are the images, most can be reduced in files size by editing the bit depth and colours, and a huge amount of excessive source code that net fusion has created. You can use the following optizmization service click here for a brief report and analysis of any webpage.

  Teasle 09:07 05 Apr 2004

Thanks Talented Monkey. Looked at optizmization service as you suggested. Lots for me to work on to get it faster. This site is excellent - didn't know such a service was available.

  Gaz 25 22:32 06 Apr 2004

Works well here!

  woodbexhill 00:18 07 Apr 2004

Loads in seconds on my broadband connection but I can understand that it probably does take longer on 56k.

You could perhaps try importing some of the images into an Image Editing program, (my choice would be Photoshop but use whatever you like), and reduce the quality of the image.

It's suprising how much smaller a file can be from just a small reduction in quality.

  woodbexhill 00:19 07 Apr 2004

Oh, and by the way - you've done a nice job with the site ;)

  Teasle 08:43 07 Apr 2004

Thanks for all your responses. I use photoimpact as my image editor so have been in and reduced the file sizes which must have helped a bit. My next job will be to try and reduce the coding. All the tables are for the alignment of the objects but it may be I can find another way in Net Objects to do this. So still some work to do.

  Paranoid Android 15:57 09 Apr 2004

Nice site.

I think you are right that the problem is the number and size of graphical elements on the page. Many of these might compress further using Paint Sho Pro, for example. You might also try using progressive jpegs so that users can see them starting to load faster.

One trick that sometime helps is to chop larger images into smaller image maps, each around 1K.


  slowhand_1000 17:50 09 Apr 2004

A quick tot up of the files and the page must be around the 70kb mark and the file size of the images are not that bad. You could maybe save the odd kb here and there.

So unless you take some images out or reduce the quality down beyond an acceptable limit it looks like that's the size it will be.

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