How to make Google index my site?

  winkyG 23:09 02 Oct 2008

Hi everyone,
Not so long ago I have launched new software site:

Buy-For-Fun. com : click here

I have a sitemap, robots, I submited it to search engines, and even site catalogues, but after a month Google still know nothing of it!!!

Could you please take a look at it, maybe I did something wrong...

Any advices are greatly appreciated!!!
Thank you in advance!

  Kemistri 01:18 03 Oct 2008

I have news for you. It is already indexed with a PR of 0. Time now for you to work on the next stages of SEO and those are the hardest parts. I'll assume that you already have good knowledge about that, that you have read one or two of the best rated books on the topic, and that you have a plan set out. If not, you have no time to waste reading this post - go to it!

  winkyG 01:33 03 Oct 2008

thanks for your reply!
By the way what are those "best rated SEO books" are?
Could you please write their names?

Thank you

  Kemistri 01:38 03 Oct 2008

The best is, without doubt, the work of David Viney. That guy is a god of SEO. His book "Get to the top on Google" can be had for less than £10 from Amazon. I have even bought a few copies for some of my more proactive clients because it's very accessible and valuable to site owners, not just developers.

  winkyG 01:41 03 Oct 2008

I do appreciate you advice.
Thank you!

  gerri-atrick 13:36 03 Oct 2008

Page ratings are overhyped, and in this case i think it is irrelevent, if as you say your site is not long up then you may be panicking over nothing, it can take ages for your site to be indexed (more than a month) just bide your time and then after 3 months its still not not on google you can panic ;)

  Kemistri 17:41 03 Oct 2008

"I wouldn't waste any time worrying about SEO"

Sorry, fm, but you should do some research if you really believe that word-of-mouth and offline marketing are the 'be all and end all' of business promotion in the 21st century. SEO is a complex and multi-faceted, long term, multi-stage, never ending task and it is extremely important. It is not just about PR, or traffic, and no SEO marketer that I have ever met would attempt to focus on single keywords.

  Kemistri 17:46 03 Oct 2008

By the way, winkyG. Taking of keywords and phrases, your choice of domain name is not the best and you might want to move to something more appropriate and effective now, while you lose next to nothing by doing so. It's a text block (one of many) that should not be ignored, as a look at any SERPs (search engine results pages) will show you. Maybe see if there is something more relevant available.

  Kemistri 19:40 03 Oct 2008

Actually, only 20% of searchers use one keyword initially. Some 90% or more of those will then enter extra keywords if they cannot find what they are looking for. Over 50% of searchers use three or more keywords in their first searches.

"But anyone who builds a website for anything computer related and thinks they can let the search engines do the work for them is dreaming."

Of course. Which only affirms my point about the value of all aspects of SEO.

  Kemistri 22:35 03 Oct 2008

"I'm sorry, I don't care how good your SEO is, you will not get to the top of that pile unless you have ... a great many links to it from other sites."

Which is one of the many, many key parts of SEO. So you keep knocking SEO while suggesting SEO techniques! Seriously, fm, spend a tenner and get that book that I suggested to winkyG. It's a good read for anyone who has any interest invested in this.

And no-one would expect to get this particular kind of site onto page 1 without an Adwords account, but that shouldn't stop winkyG from using the huge range of techniques at his disposal to try to get it as high up as possible. If a website's owner or webmaster doesn't do that, it undermines the point of the site. 16% of searchers don't look beyond page 2.

It's easy enough for winkyG to go and find out what keyphrases his competitors are using and then he has two options: aim directly at them or try to find a keyphrase "avenue" that sidesteps them and hits a spot that they missed.

Nothing is easy in this business, but doing nothing will see you going backwards.

  Kemistri 23:01 03 Oct 2008

You won't see me disagree with your comment that he has a hell of a lot of competition.

But there are SEO-related techniques that winkyG can try in order to stand out from the crowd, which is what his site needs to do. That's a big topic with a lot of possible answers, so I'll leave winkyG to research that area if he's keen to do so. It's a mistake to think that SEO is all done on-page.

This site certainly has every bit as good a chance as any of its competition of getting quite a lot higher than page 50, which represents 500 sites. Over the long term, using all the right marketing, it will have been a failure if it isn't a lot higher than 500th.

If you lose, then you lose, but just give it your best shot if you're serious about the project.

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