How to make a free website to be visible in UK?

  ivanapopovic24 21:43 05 Nov 2015

I am a tutor and I need to make a completely free website (no fees, my own free domain, no payment for hosting etc). I come from Serbia and i wouldn't like the extension .rs to appear on my website. I would rather not allow Serbian people to see my website if possible. I need my website to be seen among British and American people, and in other English spoken countries. Can anyone explain how I can control who can see my website, which site to choose, how to make more people notice mz adverts?

  LastChip 23:11 06 Nov 2015

What you're asking as it stands can't be done. At the very least, you will have to buy a domain name otherwise no one will find you, and that's a recurring cost. Furthermore, even if you run it from your own computer (which is possible), you'll still need to pay an ISP for Internet access. Then you've got the power costs of running a computer 24/7. You could try one of the advertised free hosting providers, but I'll guarantee you'll pay for it somewhere and you certainly wouldn't have any control over who sees it. Nothing is free! Restricting access is pretty much impossible except by using password authentication. And that rather defeats the purpose of a website.

Yes, you can stop complete countries IP address blocks at your firewall, but all anyone has to do, is visit via a proxy based in a different country.

It's not going to happen. You need to rethink the whole concept and do some research on how the www works and understand it. It's not something anyone here can teach you in a few words that is a post. It's hours of reading and more importantly, understanding.

  Forum Editor 10:08 07 Nov 2015

I agree with every word of LastChip's post.

  [email protected] 08:35 09 Nov 2015

Signup using bloggers or wordpress, create your website/blog (won't be fully customized but still a good option for free websites/pages creation). GeoLocation services and plugins would help you attain the possibilities to restrict the users from non-english countries. Nothing is impossible here; google a bit!

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