How to make Files, Folders Private. In XP

  Simac 14:47 30 Aug 2005

I wish to make certain files or folders private and not allow other users to access them. I went down the route of actually right clicking, for example My Documents, then onto Properties then clicked on the Sharing Tab, and tried checking the box, Make this folder private.
But for some reason it will not let me check the box.
I thought if I made new user accounts for specific people then they would not be able to access my files and folders, but know they can by just clicking My Computer and accessing my files/folders from there. Can anyone help as to why I can't check this particular box. Using Windows XP.


  Midsman2005 14:59 30 Aug 2005

The most secure was is to put a zipped folder inside another zipped folder and then password the top zipped folder.

click here;en-us;306531

lol, hope that makes sense!

  BigMoFoT 15:06 30 Aug 2005

NTFS as your filing system in order to make files and folders private. I'm guesing you have FAT32 so you'll need to convert. There is no danger in converting unless you have a recovery disk such as those supplied by Time or Tiny (God rest there souls lol) in which they will only recognise FAT32.

Go to a command prompt (start, run, cmd, enter) and type the following. You will have to reboot afterwards.

convert drive_letter: /fs:ntfs

where drive letter would be C for example.

  powerless 15:10 30 Aug 2005

1) Are you using the NTFS file system?

2) Is your user account set as Administrator?

3) Are you setting the other user accounts as 'Limited Accounts'?

4) Have you set up a password on YOUR account? And did you choose 'Make Private'* just after the password setup.

*I think this was the option, it might be called something else but the option should be there.

  Simac 16:16 30 Aug 2005

Unfortunately it is running on FAT32 as opposed to NTFS so as mentioned will not be able to make folders private. Do not want to go down the route of converting. So may just create a zip folder into another zip folder.
No user account is not set as administrator read somewhere in the help files that it was not advisable so opted to create user accounts as limited accounts. Yes did set up password but did not see an option for make private will have another look and get back to your threads.

  Simac 16:18 30 Aug 2005

Forgot to add I have made my user account as administrator the other two as Limited Accounts

  BigMoFoT 16:19 30 Aug 2005

of curiosity why do you not want to convert? NTFS alo has other benefits, less fragmentation, larger file support. You do not notice any difference - all youve to do is reboot...

  Simac 16:25 30 Aug 2005

There was no mention of "Make Private" after password setup, obviously my user account is password protected, but that still does not stop the users on Limited user Accounts to access my Files/Folders when they log in. All they need to do is go into My Computer and check anything from there on there accounts, as already mentioned

  BigMoFoT 16:27 30 Aug 2005

an NTFS partition then you as an administrator will be able to look at other users files but limited users would only be allowed to view their owb files, i.e. that is contained within my documents for that

  powerless 16:36 30 Aug 2005

There was no mention of "Make Private" after password setup,

Do not want to go down the route of converting.


Due to the way the FAT 32 FS works you won't get the "Make Private" option. If you're on NTFS you will get the option.

  rubella 17:07 30 Aug 2005

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