How to make a dvd audio disc?

  mnkyboy 01:51 07 Feb 2008


i recently bought a car stereo which plays dvd audio 4.7gb of music on one disc but cant work out how to burn the disc

in WMP to make a mp3 disc i would burn as a data cd i (obviously wrongly) assumed i would do the same thing with the blank dvd, it would give me the option to burn as data cd but with much more space?, is it possible to do this in windows media player or do i have to buy some third party software? i am using xp with WMP 10.

any help greatly appreciated.

  MCE2K5 02:12 07 Feb 2008

A little bit of light reading, click here

  [email protected] 08:17 07 Feb 2008

try out the trial versions?
click here
trial version,limited to 5 tracks.
ulead burn now, free trial
click here
Ive used nero a while back to create a music dvd,although I didnt try playing it on anything else apart from the pc.
Havent got nero installed at the moment so hopefully nero users can clarify.
click here
but if it has to be dvd audio file format...
have a look at open source dvd audio tools
click here

  €dstowe 08:22 07 Feb 2008

Remember that DVDs are not nearly as robust as CDs and the rough handling they might get in a car might cause their early destruction.

  eedcam 09:11 07 Feb 2008

Dvd audio is a format in its own and not simply audio saved a dvdand on apar with Super Cd.Dvd audio creator is excellent but it does not create dvd-audio format nevertheless you can get about 3 cd's on a dvd at a higher quality but questionable if you 'd notice the difference these are really for playing on a dvd player soyou can see menusa and tracks on screen

  candun 11:41 07 Feb 2008

You can create a Jukebox DVD in Nero and other apps such as Ashampoo Studio etc. it can be burned in Mp3 or WMA format, I store hundreds of albums on audio DVDs and upload them to PC as required. I hope that you have success with creating audio DVDs as it would certainly keep the car interior CD free.

  eedcam 12:43 07 Feb 2008

Candun there is a possibility the OP is talking dvd_audio not audio dvd where you can bung hundreds of tracks on a dvd . Dvd -audio 22 tracks over 7 G/byte and an hour 18 minute playtime on one dvd

  candun 20:08 07 Feb 2008


I thought he was referring to 4.7gb DVDs but you may be right....can DVDAs be 'burned' in Mp3/WMA format or just to FLAC ?

  eedcam 22:41 07 Feb 2008

Hi Candun not sure what he has I think it might just be the same as you do putting audio on to dvd. Not too familiar with Flac but dvd -audio discs are above that I think
This is whats available with dvd audio creator and thats still not DVD_Audio

Select the audio encoding format: PCM (48 kHz/16 bit) has high quality which is similar to Audio CDs, the total playing time is up to 6 hours. PCM (96 kHz/24 bit) has the best quality, but total play time is only 2 hours. AC3 (192 kbps) has high quantity, the total playing time is up to 45 hours, and the quality is still good. If your DVD player supports, you can select AC3 (128 kbps) to hold more audio files on one Audio DVD. A number of coding rates are
also provided to allow a flexible balance to be selected between playing time and audio

If you have AC3 5.1 ch or AC3 2.0 ch files which created by other tools or ripped from DVD movies, you can select the same coding rate and channels, those AC3 files will be transcoded to Audio DVD without any quality loss.

If you select AC3 5.1 ch output, all stereo audio files will be matrix-mixed to 5.1 channels, which will have surround effect on 5.1 Audio Speaker System.

TV Mode:

  mnkyboy 23:16 07 Feb 2008

hi, thanks for all the advice, i didnt want to do anything more complicated than just putting my music (which is in WMA format) onto a 4.7gb blank disc, my car stereo was mainly sold on the fact that you could put 'hundreds' of albums onto one disc, i realize now that this cant be done via WMP so gonna try nero, hope fully should work


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