How to make a dark shot video brighter?

  rickf 20:12 15 Nov 2013

I have recorded a video but is rather dark as the venue was not well lit. Result is some figures in the background cannot be seen. What video editing is there that is good for editing it so that its brighter. I suppose I need one with filters built in. Any help woul;d be gratefully received.

  rdave13 20:26 15 Nov 2013

You could try Windows Movie Maker, click here, you tube. Before doing anything I would make a copy and use the copy, with a different name, to play about with, in case of a disaster.

  rickf 20:40 15 Nov 2013

Thanks, tried that but not effective enough, think I may need a more powerful prog.

  Woolwell 21:15 15 Nov 2013

You may find it difficult with any program. You cannot make something out of nothing.

  rdave13 21:20 15 Nov 2013

Well there is a File Lab editor which works through your browser so needs a plug-in. I've never used it but might do in the future. YouTube,FileLab, McAfee">">McAfee site advisor. Worth a look?

  rdave13 21:24 15 Nov 2013

First two links ok it's the McAfee link to show FileLab is ok that went tits up. Shows what you can do with hue and saturation as well as colours.

  rdave13 21:30 15 Nov 2013

Try McAfee link again, click here is right but you might be able to adjust it slightly better.


  rdave13 21:32 15 Nov 2013

Post messed up as I didn't leave two spaces between Woolwell and the link :(

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