How to make a bootup disk on Win 2000

  starlet 18:01 19 Jan 2004

I have been having prob's with the usb2 cutting out, if I use my printer I lose my mouse, If I use a usb keyboard, if I use the mouse,I lose the keyboard , it looks like I need to Flash my bios the M/B is a ASrock K7S8XE my version is 1.1 the newer version is 1.8 I have downloaded the update also a utility called Flashexe, it tells me to make a bootup disk and copy all to it before useing it.
Can anyone tell me the best way to make a bootup disk on Win 2000.Also any helpfull advice regarding flashing.

Regards Starlet

  Sheila-214876 18:02 19 Jan 2004

Yes, go to click here and download the boot disk you require.

  temp003 03:21 20 Jan 2004

I think you need an MSDOS boot disk, so a DOS or 98 floppy will do. I'm not sure, but I think the downloads on bootdisk .com, the link given by ennuye, should format the floppy in the right way. Try this first.

But remember not to format the floppy in Windows 2000, because that will write a windows 2000 boot sector to the floppy, which will not boot into MSDOS.

Otherwise, if you have access to another machine (a friend's), with 98 or XP, just create a startup disk in 98, or in XP, insert a floppy, right click Drive A, select format, then tick the option for Create an MSDOS startup disk. Then click Start.

Windows 2000 does not have the option of creating an MSDOS startup disk directly. In case none of the above is possible, you can create an MSDOS startup floppy in Windows 2000 as follows.

Insert the Windows 2000 CD. It will autorun, just exit the CD autorun screen. Leave CD in. Click Start, Run, type cmd and press Enter. In the command prompt window, type d: and press Enter, where d is the letter of your CDROM drive.

Then type:

cd valueadd\3rdparty\ca_antiv

and press Enter. Now insert a floppy.

In the command prompt window, type:


and press Enter. Confirm the action.

The floppy will be formatted in MSDOS and files written on it. Exit command prompt.

Open the floppy in My Computer, and delete the files: autoexec.bat, avboot.exe,,, virboot.dat and readme.txt. What remains is an MSDOS bootdisk.

  starlet 11:18 01 Feb 2004

Have finally got hold of a Win98se startup disk and tried copying Flash.exe and Bios to floppy but not enough room on floppy I can only see two of the files that Temp003 told me to delete can anyone tell me out of this list which is safe to delete?


Regards Starlet

  starlet 12:39 01 Feb 2004


  Barmaster 12:45 01 Feb 2004

I may be missing the point here, but how about simply writing the flash and bios files to a seperate floppy?

Simply boot from the 98 disc and then swap floppies over for the flash.

Regards. Barmaster.

  starlet 12:50 01 Feb 2004

I was told that I must copy them to the bootup floppy from the bios website to flash properly just following instructions,as I have never done this before and I don't want to screw the M/B up.

  Barmaster 13:44 01 Feb 2004

OK starlet, I appreciate your concern.

First, in my experience, it has never been a problem to write the the flash and bios files to a second disc. However, it is not my machine that will be flashed, so I will leave it up to you.

Second, the most basic boot floppy can be created in win 98 by simply typing "sys a:" at a command prompt. This will write just 4 files to the floppy (, Io.sys, Msdos.sys and Drvspace.bin) for a total of about 377 KB. The last three files are hidden, so check that you have your view settings to see hidden files, and as long as they are there, you can delete all the other files. You should then have enough room to write the flash tools to the disc.


  GuyR 13:56 01 Feb 2004

have the same motherboard, but no problems how has the flashing of the bios gone?

any problems after getting new boot up disc?

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