How to make background transparent

  stlucia 12:07 15 May 2007

I used to be able to make the background of an image transparent, using IrfanView. I thought I did it by saving the image as a .gif file first, but I can't see what to do next.

Can someone remind me, please. The only image editing software I have on my PC is IrfanView, Corel Draw 4.0 and MS Paint; and I'm sure it was IrfanView I used in the past.

  Technotiger 12:23 15 May 2007

Dunno if this is what you want, but Trans Text makes icon backgrounds on Desktop transparent.

  Technotiger 12:24 15 May 2007

Or - take your pick, courtesy of Google...

click here

  recap 12:29 15 May 2007


The upper half of the dialog lets you set a quality level for JPG images. Move the slider control to the desired setting. Lower settings take less space, but deliver less quality. Higher settings are better, but take more file space. The default setting is 80, which is fine for most images.

Check the grayscale option to save the image as that. Please remember if you activate this option!
Click the Save as progressive JPG box (like many images from internet) to activate that option. Click either again to remove the choice.

You can also control the saving of original EXIF/IPTC/Comment informations into the new JPG file.

  stlucia 12:39 15 May 2007

OK. Reading some of the links from Technotiger's Google results confirms that only .gif and .png images support transparent backgrounds. So that part of my memory was correct. But I still can't find the right menu option in Irfanview even though I've got the image in .gif format.

I need transparent background so that I can place the image over another in a publication, and have the original image show through.

Recap, my recollection, and Google's search results, say that .jpg doesn't support transparent background, so I don't think your solution is what I'm looking for, thanks :-)

  recap 12:44 15 May 2007

Sorry stlucia, just re-read your original post, if you go to the help in Irfanview and search for transparency in the Index, there is a seaction for .gifs

  stlucia 13:16 15 May 2007

That's the one, recap. Thanks.

I was searching for "transparent" instead of "transparency", and only got answers relating to text rather than images.

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