how to make 2 patitions into 1 big 1

  struggle8 01:53 25 Sep 2004

I have 1 hard drive with 2 partitions on 1 is 17.5gb and the other is 17.8gb can some one give me a step by step directions on how to make then into one partition so there is only c drive and no other partitions on that drive win xp home

  hugh-265156 02:24 25 Sep 2004

partition magic click here will let you merge all your partitions into one with out losing any data.

i have just seen your other posting though click here when you say 'want to remove all on xp home' do you want to format the hard drive and re install xp fresh and get one C drive? if so you will lose any data thats not backed up.

to do this you will need to use fdisk and have a windows xp cdrom. do you have a windows xp cdrom or just a restore to factory setting floppy disk? if you only have a floppy disc then deleting any hidden partitions on your hard drive with fdisk or partition magic etc will mean that you cannot re install windows again. be very careful here.

can you tell us your computer make and model no. please? may help a bit.

if you have an xp cdrom then your fine, download a windows 98SEoem bootdisk from click here (works ok with xp) and use this to run fdisk and delete and create new partitions then re install windows. click here click here

  hugh-265156 02:26 25 Sep 2004

sorry second link is click here

  2020 07:37 25 Sep 2004


  struggle8 09:35 25 Sep 2004

ok change of plan can`t i just resize the partition and mke the c drive bigger

  struggle8 09:48 25 Sep 2004

if I go to mycomputer and right click ang us the manage feature on disc management and delete my 2nd partiotion will the primary partition become bigger

  Diodorus Siculus 09:55 25 Sep 2004

No - you will simply be left with unallocated space.

Partition Manager will do the job as suggested above.

Otherwise a reinstall of XP with a full paritioning routine will be necessary.

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