How long to set up a new laptop?

  john bunyan 19:05 17 Jun 2010

How long does it take before you can use a new PC?
I have a desktop running W7 64 bit and recently bought my wife a new shiny Toshiba laptop, with W7 Home Premium 64 bit, a 500 gig drive and a number of good features (HDMI etc).
I am amazed how long it has taken to get it safely up and running. These are the things I felt had to be done:
a) Partition the drive to C: - 100 gig for programmes (left the recovery partition) and F: for data.
b) Installed Office 2007 for e Mail, and MS Office Home and Student 2007 (already had this and am allowed up to 3 PC’s . Uninstalled the trial version first.
c) Downloaded and installed anti virus (avira), Firewall (PCTools), anti malware (Spywareblaster, Malawarebytes and Superantispyware plus CCleaner.
d) Installed ATI 2010
e) Installed and tuned a TV / PVR dongle
f) Allowed MS to update (I think about 41 updates)
g) Made a clone of the system to an external HD – will do images in future. A recovery disc has the disadvantage that all the programmes and updates are lost if you action it
h) Created User profiles. ( should have done this earlier).
i) Set up e Mail accounts
j) Established a wireless link to my router.
All this took a couple of hours at least – yet some seem to use the PC straight out of the box. I may have done more that I have forgotten! Not a “simple” operation and I am grateful for these forums in improving my knowledge on all this!!

  peter99co 19:10 17 Jun 2010

I had 62 updates and it took from 12.50 to 15.25 to download and install.

Two days later and I have not got an email to work yet.

  john bunyan 19:20 17 Jun 2010

Forgot - have yet to install face recognition software for logging on to user profile that came with the PC, nor have I yet installed the Multipurpose Printer / scanner drivers. None of this is mentioned by sales people!

  Woolwell 19:28 17 Jun 2010

Allow a day, multiple cups of coffee and patience!

  onthelimit 19:53 17 Jun 2010

I've found most of the time is spent getting rid of the 'trial software' that seems to be there solely to persuade you to buy the full version! The antivirus progs seem to be the worst.

  muscic lover 20:26 17 Jun 2010

It took me a whole 24 hrs, with tea and loo breaks, multiple updates to all sorts of stuff! Wow, and of course a whole tin of "Whoop ass" when things went awry!

  john bunyan 20:33 17 Jun 2010

Still to install music and photo edting; it goes on and on! My 2 hours is nearer to Woolwell and Music Lover's whole day! I bet most first time buyers totall underestimat this. FE - Maybe worth an article in PCA on setting up (Maybe there has been one I missed).

  wiz-king 21:54 17 Jun 2010

I started a new desktop recently and it took almost all day to install and update all the programs, with the aid of a stack of CD's and many cups of coffee. I did a defrag between each program install and each set of updates and made sure the program worked before installing the next one then a clean with CCleaner to get rid of the temporary files. I ended up with a nice clean computer that should last a while, worth the effort.

  Batch 22:10 17 Jun 2010

I'd allow at least a very full day, if not two to do everything including all of the settings etc. etc. properly.

Those that seem to just use the PC out of the box just accept all of the default software and settings as supplied (and even then there are still a number of things to attend to). If you want your PC to be under your control (rather than the other way round), you have to make an investment in time.

  robin_x 22:25 17 Jun 2010

You need an Ext HDD. Or make a partition with Partition Wizard.

W7 Backup and Restore. Advance Recovery Options.

Ignore the warning 'You will lose all your data on c drive'

From a new install, delete all the crap. Use Revo Uninstaller.

Or Control Panel. Uninstall a Program.

Also see God Mode and Ultimate Windows Tweaker.

When you are happy with your system, make a Windows System Image or EASEUS Todo Backup.

Takes about 20-30 mins on my sub £400 Compaq Laptop (250GB HDD)

  Cymro. 11:17 18 Jun 2010

as you seem to know what you are about. But pity people like myself who know just a little about computing. Mind you if it was not for this Forum I would know even less. Still as they say "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing".

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