How long to receive an email?

  [DELETED] 14:21 10 Nov 2003

Until recently I had assumed (backed-up from personal experience) that emails arrived within a reasonably short time of dispatch, say up to one hour.

However, I recently changed from Home Highway / ISP Pipex, from whom I always had a good service, to BT broadband and, whilst access time is certainly much quicker, several emails (with attachments) sent to me on Friday am did not arrive until the early hours of Saturday!

My query is; does the problem (if indeed it is a problem) lie with the service provided by BT, or elsewhere?

  PA28 14:28 10 Nov 2003

I've had overnight delays from Freeserve as well. Not usual mind, but can be awkward when it happens as emailing is usually regarded as(fairly) instant, and to apparently ignore an email that's asking for a reply doesn't go down too well at the other end.

  Taff36 14:31 10 Nov 2003

This has become very contentious recently. Check out the AOL threads click here and others. I have Broadband access with Pipex but 3 e-mails with attachments took 5 days to arrive via BT broadband. I have seen criticism of Tiscali too on this subject. Everyone seems to be blaming each other on this one.

  [DELETED] 14:34 10 Nov 2003

Loads of things can effect it, and whilst it may be some ISPs provide quicker delivery than others I doubt you would really know it.

Many of the recent virus attacks have produced large volumes of mail that cause the whole network to slow down.

ISPs that do use spam/virus scanning methods on their email services may experience differences in the volume of mail being sent. At busy times their systems may reach capacity and delivery times may increase.

Whilst it would be nice to know email was fairly instand this should never be assumed. Especially if the information being sent is of a time sensative nature.

  [DELETED] 14:40 10 Nov 2003

Well I think Instant has been redefined as (anywhere between now and Next September) judging by my mails . Ive had mail arrive after speaking to the sender in person some 3 days after sending.. But its down not only to the time on web /traffic and loading. & how quickly the sender /recipient checks their mail. I have a mate who So laid back .In an emergency he'd email for an ambulance...can you imagine trying to receive a reply to a question from him .well you've forgotten by then of course ..
But generally emails do transmit within minutes..Until you come to the situation of a provider who rents their equipment from ..The "gods of telecom" my term not theirs Who take reasonable tme to repair system leaving us in the dark for a few hours/days..

  Stuartli 15:05 10 Nov 2003

If you send a test e-mail to yourself it can take a handful of seconds; if you send e-mails via Tiscali, as has happened with me, it can take up to eight or nine days on occasions...:-(

  [DELETED] 16:01 10 Nov 2003

It's anybody's guess!! I had a similar problem a little while ago see my post at click here.

You can have a look on your providers status pages to see if there is a particular problem.

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