How long must we live in the EU before most firms

  Sapins 09:15 08 Jul 2003

will deliver to European countries?
I would be grateful if anyone can give me the names of firms who will supply components for Self-Build to France.


  golfpro 09:25 08 Jul 2003

This is not just items from England, I have trouble getting stuff from Germany into Austria. Part of the dificulty is I think that some companies have trading partners in other European countries and are not allowed under this agreement to send goods abroad.

  Sir Radfordin 09:30 08 Jul 2003

Are you looking for companies based elsewhere in the EU who will supply to France or French companies?

  Sapins 09:43 08 Jul 2003

Thanks for your responses golfpro and Sir Radfordin. As long as I can deal and pay in "English" it doesn't matter where they are based.

  -pops- 10:56 08 Jul 2003

This is not a deliberate attempt to be rude but, if you are in France, other than as a tourist, I think it a little parochial of you not to attempt to deal and pay in the local language.

When I worked in France it was vital that I spoke not only French but also the local Grassoise/Nicoise dialect to be able to communicate properly. The next stage of reading and writing came easily because of my prior knowledge of English.


  Sapins 11:05 08 Jul 2003

Hi pops. No offence taken. There are very few conpanies here that sell computer parts, hence the question ( they are also a lot more expensive)Also my French is not yet up to standard :-(


  -pops- 11:12 08 Jul 2003

I wasn't very computer savvy when I was there (up to 1996) but I do recall quite a few places in the back and side streets of both Nice and Cannes that sold electronic components. Likewise in Paris but, I wasn't so familiar with them. Based on this, I would have thought that a search around, away from the tourist areas of your nearest city would come up with something.

  Sapins 11:30 08 Jul 2003

I'll have a look round on the web, but, I'm not too hopeful of finding parts as cheap as the UK.

Thanks again to you all.


  Psiman 13:25 08 Jul 2003

click here Prices are in Euros.

  Sapins 17:17 08 Jul 2003

Thanks for that Psiman.

  wee eddie 20:25 08 Jul 2003

are you an ex Digital employee by any chance

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