How long must this go on?

  KRONOS the First 17:52 09 Jun 2012

Newbies come on this site and have not got a clue as how to post a link. Case in point. Not that I am blaming the thread starter as even long serving members have problems so we can hardly blame the newly registered.

Most times an upgrade is invariably an improvement but with PC Advisor it was mainly a massive backward step. What on earth was wrong with the simple but effective Click here that we used to enjoy?

But is not just posting a link, adding a list is a nuisance or giving someone personal help by contacting them via a personal message,the icon is there but not the ability.

I come here to see if I can be of some small help but sometimes it is hard work in posting a neat and well laid out answer, particularly when it includes a list and links.

Rant over.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:33 09 Jun 2012

Add to that the slowness of the site, trying to open a thread or post an answer is atrocious at the moment.

No wonder we are seeing little or no action in the forums for hours on end.

  Woolwell 18:57 09 Jun 2012

One of the problems with posting links is that the site doesn't like underbars in the URL or long URL's. Many posters don't know about tiny url, etc. I found today that copying and pasting a link on my iPad didn't work well.

The thread titling was recently changed without any announcement and before a long bank holiday.

  spuds 19:23 09 Jun 2012

I think a number of people are perhaps not making many comments now about how this website is causing some confusions and problems, because any suggestions or comments merit very little praise or consideration!.

"The thread titling was recently changed without announcement and before a long bank holiday"

That was introduced so as to make things easier and bring more new registered subscriber's to this website. Or at least that was what the FE posted on a comment I made.

  KRONOS the First 19:49 09 Jun 2012

Here is the reaction to intrusive advertising, so beloved by PCA,on a forum I spend far to much time on.Bit-tech, but take a look at the quick reply box. A nice simple layout that works. Now this forum uses vBulletin software and costs money but it seems very popular with many PC mag forums as most seem to use some form of it. We here have some rather armature offering where posting a simple thread can be fraught with difficulties.

  rdave13 19:50 09 Jun 2012

May be a 'sticky' on each forum showing how to use hyper-links etc.?

  Woolwell 20:26 09 Jun 2012

When the revised site came along I think that it was stated that a guide would be produced but I've never seen it.

  VoG II 20:44 09 Jun 2012

I must agree that it was a retrograde step.

I still visit often but post rarely.

I can remember a time, maybe 5 years ago, when the posting rate was incredibly high and I recall getting into difficulty trying to deal with too many threads at once.

There seem to be very few threads on Excel. Is everybody now an expert on Excel or have the thread starters moved to the Excel specialist forums?

  compumac 20:53 09 Jun 2012

I would agree with the comments made. There used to an almost conversational atmosphere on here before the changes but now posting seem to have great gaps before anything happens, look at the time between postings, it is frequently hours not minutes as it was before the changes.

  compumac 22:09 09 Jun 2012
  dangerusone 00:48 10 Jun 2012

adding to what Fruitbat has said above I just posted twice due to slowness and me thinking it hadn't gone through.

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