How long does a CD last : lost information.

  immer 14:35 30 Jul 2003

I have been dismayed to find that some of my CD writing has not lasted very long. OK I'm now on a 40x12x48 and my old writer was so slow I've forgotten what it was, but my file from Oct 2001 became unreadable. I got "Badcopy Pro" and was able to recover some items, but not all.
Has anyone else had dissapointments when looking back on old files, and are we supposed to do anything to keep them workable ?
From "Immer"

  Stuartli 16:35 30 Jul 2003

...out of the light....:-)

  hugh-265156 16:42 30 Jul 2003

as Confab above.use good quality media.make sure there is nothing else running while burning and look after the disc well. even though your drive is capable of 40x12x48 doesnt mean that it will work well at that speed with all discs.i have a fast cd drive and find that burning at x8 or even x4 gives good results every only takes a few extra minutes.i think purchased discs are only expected to last around 10 years or so although i have discs older than this and they still work fine.

  graham√ 17:36 30 Jul 2003

On behalf of immer, I would like to thank all those who went out of their way to answer the question and provide such expert advice. All this without any thought of thanks or reward.

  Diemmess 17:58 30 Jul 2003

Echo most of what has been said, particularly in paying attention to good blanks and burning at the slowest speed that you can bear to use.

It is a pity, but just as floppy disks seemed to fail arbitrarily after so many uses and sheer age, the innocent looking data on your archived files my go unreadable even sitting in its jacket on the shelf.

Recording makes minute dents in a very stiff jelly/aluminium backing, and after a time the medium recovers and bye-bye all that precious data!

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