How long to boot up XP?

  Totally-braindead 17:17 16 Jun 2004

In the past couple of weeks I've noticed my computer is taking ages to boot, it goes past the Bios quick enough and the black Windows XP screen appears, after that it takes about 60- 80 seconds to get to the Welcome screen and then another 20-30 secs to load everything else up.
Now I've got a 40 Gig hard drive defragged yesterday with 15 gigs free. Theres been nothing new loaded recently apart from some games. Its the 60-80 seconds bit thats bothering me as it never used to take this long, took probably 30 seconds. Anyone any idea how long its meant to take to boot, I do realise it depends on your setup but its annoying me a bit. I could buy more memory I suppose (got 512mb PC2700 just now) but looking for advice.

  Fruit Bat 17:31 16 Jun 2004

click here

This site will explain what services are required and what you can switch off this will help to speed up windows startup.


  Totally-braindead 17:33 16 Jun 2004

Thanks for that I'll go have a look.

  cream. 17:43 16 Jun 2004


Most probably some of the programmes loading with windows are delaying your boot time. You can disable all of them in msconfig start up. You can then go back and tick one at a time to see which is giving you the biggest delay.

I only use my firewall and AV in the start up.

Also run bootvis from click here. This will optimise your boot files.

  billyliv 19:02 16 Jun 2004

Hi, Without adding any programs,except the occasional security update, my computer has reversed the way it operates. It used to fire up quickly then take an age to shut down. Now it is the other way round. It takes ages to boot and shuts down ever so quickly. The wierd and wonderful world of computing I suppose. Cheers, Bill

  dagwoood 20:29 16 Jun 2004

Totally-braindead, take St.Bruno's advice and pair back what programs you have loading on boot up. Like St.Bruno, I only have av s/w and Zonealarm loading on start up and s/w for my mouse.

As per Fruit Bat's posting, see what services you need to have running. Another good site to see what you do need is this click here

As to what's causing the 60-80 second delay, you haven't installed any s/w to disable the prefetch utility have you? I have s/w to clear out my prefecth folder and after it's cleared out, on my next boot-up it can take quite a while until I get to a usable desktop.

Inversely,perhaps your prefecth folder contains a lot of stuff you don't need. You could check how large this folder is in my computer > hard disk > windows > prefetch.

(A useful piece of s/w that will empty the prefecth folder is CleanUp, available from click here . It also cleans out other rubbish).

I would then run Bootvis. After I'd done all of the above and ran Bootvis, my system boot time went from well over a minute to just over 40seconds to get to a fully usable desktop(my system is o/s xp, Athlon xp 2400+, 768MB RAM, 7200rpm 40GB Maxtor h/d).

As to buying more memory, it never hurts on systems running xp to have as much memory as possible.

Sorry for the essay, but hope it helps, dagwoood.

  Totally-braindead 01:16 17 Jun 2004

Thanks guys, tried the download for Boot vis and my system just locked up when I ran it, left it running for the past 4 hours just to be sure but it didn't work. Will try it again tomorrow, knackered now and away to the land of Nod. billyliv the same can be said of my computer, startup very slow but shut down very quick. I think I'll have to give it some more thought.

  hugh-265156 01:41 17 Jun 2004

bootvis needs the 'cryptographic services' and 'task scheduler' services to be set to automatic to run otherwise it will hang at reatart.

click start/run and type 'services.msc' click ok.

scroll down to both the above, double click and from the drop down box select automatic then apply and ok. restart the computer.

fire up bootvis and click 'trace/next boot and driver delays' and let it restart. it should take no more than a few mins to display you with a graph of all the things starting with windows and the time each thing takes.

next click 'trace/optomize system' and restart again. after another few mins the box will disappear and its done its job.

start up`s should now be faster.

  hugh-265156 01:42 17 Jun 2004

this is the link i got it from click here

  Cook2 01:51 17 Jun 2004

click here
where I had the same problem.

  rocketronnie 06:56 17 Jun 2004

have you try'd deleting/hiding your short cuts? i had a simlar end up with a black screen and the taskbar onlt pops up when the cursor goes near it.

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