How lond does Wanadoo take.................

  Thomo1 02:05 08 Jan 2005

To activate my BB line normally??

Just looking really for any Wanadoo member that has set uo BB and can give me a rough estimate on time it takes to activate my line so i can go "live"???

Set up the connection earlier today about 530pm. Wanadoo quote upto 10 days but surely it cannot take that long???


  powerless 03:01 08 Jan 2005

It does and it can but sometimes it can be done even quicker. It's just a case of waiting...

Mine actually took 13 days [back in the day of Freeserve].

  justme 06:53 08 Jan 2005

Mine only took about five days last month, but the exchange had only just been converted to allow broadband. The delay is due to BT as they have to switch your phone line to the new service.

Wanadoo will already have installed the equipment necessary in the exchange for you to connect to them.

  ened 07:10 08 Jan 2005

Last April I signed up on the Sunday, received the kit on the Wednesday, set it up on the THursday and was live immediately. It was explained to me that a chap from BT has to pop along to your exchange and physically fit a gadget onto your connection there.
As justme says any delay is most probably down to the ampount of work BT have on.

  Dennis1 08:51 08 Jan 2005

In september mine took about 7 days but I think it can depend on a lot of different things, such as location, how busy they are etc.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:57 08 Jan 2005

Watch the LED on the modem when both are steady you are ready to connect. Don't wait for Wannado to inform you that they are ready. Mine took the full 10 days to stop fashing and am still waiting for the e-mail from wannado 10 months later

  smy13 12:29 08 Jan 2005

Mine took 10 days as well other than that just wait for the two green lights

  LinuxPenguin 13:26 08 Jan 2005

Yeah, just leave the modem on is my advice too. Im with ntl but the same applies, mine took about a month to work,which really annoyed me *sigh*

  pj123 15:46 08 Jan 2005

A friend said his took about 10 days, but someone else (also on Wanadoo) has said. "Don't wait for them to tell you" Just keep trying it every now and again. It could come onstream before they tell you. As justme says it is BT that causes the holdup.

  russmini 15:54 08 Jan 2005

Well i am waiting at the mo for mine to go live, i signed up last sunday, so thats 5 1/2 days so far and not up yet.

  wiz-king 17:26 08 Jan 2005

I have heard that making a cup of tea helps, most BT engineers drink tea!

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