How to log into BT Yahoo broadband automaticaly

  1911 23:40 10 Jun 2005

My sister bought a laptop.She is on BT Yahoo Broadband. The problem is that she is completely computer iliterate. She has great difficulty getting logged on using "Username" & "Password"
Unbelievable? I know. But true. How can she get logged on Automaticaly. She has Win xp, BT Usb Router. Unfortunately I am in Donegal and she is in Scotland. I have BB which comes on when I start Pc. Any help to get hers the same will be appreciated!!!!!!!

  Forum Editor 23:50 10 Jun 2005

needs to configure her router so that it establishes the connection automatically. She can do this by folowing the instructions that came with the router, but in essence she connects her laptop to the router using the cable supplied. Then she opens the router's configuration paqe (by typing an IP number into her web-browser's address bar) and enters her username and password details. This information is stored in the router's ROM (Read Only Memory).

Now the router will connect automatically, each time it's switched on.

  1911 00:08 11 Jun 2005

Thanks FE for the quick reply. Im afraid with her ability for pressing wrong buttons it would be useless to get her to try. It was a forlorn hope anyway. Thanks again.

  Forum Editor 00:29 11 Jun 2005

Really? I'm sure that she could do it. We were all computer-illiterate once upon a time.

Why not encourage your sister to have a go - we could always talk her through the process here in the forum, if she fancies signing up.

  1911 00:44 11 Jun 2005

When I tell you that I am 76 years old and that she is my older sister I think you might understand the difficulties. She would need a full time tutor for a week or so. And that would just get her the basics. Too bad as the reason she got it was because she wanted some thing instead of watching Tv. She will manage eventualy. Cheerio

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