How to locate messages on Facebook

  ponytail 14:05 12 Sep 2014

Not being a regular user of Facebook I have a problem.I managed to track down my cousins daughter who lives with her father in Australia.I sent a message to her and she sent a instant reply but this where the problems lie.When I go back into facebook where do I find the messages we sent and how do I send a answer to her last message.Silly I know

  rdave13 14:46 12 Sep 2014

I'm told that you need to check your notifications?

  Woolwell 15:13 12 Sep 2014

This isn't quite straightforward as it is now different on a mobile device than on a laptop or desktop. On a mobile Facebook have a new app Messenger and if you have downloaded that all your messages are there. On the standard Facebook webpage then on the Home page if you bother to look to your left you will see Messages. Click on that and then click on the thread. It's like texting.

  ponytail 07:44 13 Sep 2014

Morning Woolwell think I have it now one mor silly question is it possible to add a photo to your message.

  Woolwell 10:37 13 Sep 2014

Yes. Look at the box in which you type your reply and at the bottom it has an icon "add photo".

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