how to locate hd E

  liljony 09:02 21 May 2008

after reinstalling xp i have two problems > firstly i have a back up hhd installed where i keep files > but when i go into my computer i can only see local disc C is there a way of finding disk E .
second prob no sound tried control panel > sounds and devices cant get anything to highlight in the properties box.

  Diemmess 09:55 21 May 2008

2nd problem - No Sound
If you have just reformatted, have you not reinstalled the sound drivers yet?

1st problem - Are you sure about the missing drive, or has it simply changed its letter to D:?
From your post it isn't clear whether the drive (E:)is a partiton of one HD or a separate HD?

  liljony 12:14 21 May 2008

problem 1 hd(E) is a seperate drive.

problem 2 will download drivers thank you

  Diodorus Siculus 12:22 21 May 2008

Issue 1:

Right click my computer

choose manage

disk management

Does the missing drive show up here?

  liljony 12:38 21 May 2008

no the disc is not listed in disc management.

  Diemmess 13:11 21 May 2008

I'm assuming that you have checked the data and power leads to the "missing" drive are correctly connected and fully home? You may not have opened the case recently but it is worth doing this.

Have you tried looking at the BIOS information to see if both HD 0 and HD 1 are present?

  liljony 13:34 21 May 2008

have checked all the data > power leads all fitted correctly ,sorry i don't now how to check the BIOS .

  Diemmess 13:52 21 May 2008

Immediately after switch on and well before windows starts to load, tap away on the Delete key. (On some computers tap F2 instead)

Details depend on which maker's chip is installed, but they all seem to work the same way.
No operative mouse so you have to use arrow keys to navigate, enter to select and so on.

There are instructions on how to do various things with function keys (Escape) to go back one stage at a time.
Try and not make more than one change at a time. this time you are only looking for answers, but when you decide you have had enough, you can play safe by "Exit without saving changes Y/N ?"

  liljony 14:35 21 May 2008

do this help
1st boot device cd rom
2nd boot device cd rom
3rd boot device HHD0
boot other devices enabled

  Diemmess 16:00 21 May 2008

Sorry for slow response - (been out)

Ok, so far so good, but you have only reached part of the information.

The major alternatives are listed as headings.
If you use the down arrow key and press Enter when the next alternative is offered (escape will always take you back to a previous menu)

Sooner or later you should see the various storage details listed, including CDROM or similar and FDD if you have a floppy drive.

HDD 0 should be there as Master or Primary drive and so should HDD 1 as either Secondary or Slave drive.

(Whatever drive you are looking at, it should be possible to see its details by the select and enter routine.)

  anonymouse36 01:38 07 Jun 2008

I have verified the drive in hardware profile and bios but still am unable to locate it on my computer.

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