How to up load NoF to my isp

  holligan 15:01 16 Oct 2003

I have done the site taran.Gone a bit wrong but i will change later my heads done in.The general idea is there.HOW do i upload iam a bit thick i no
but i cant work it out.How you do this all day i will never know my back and arse are killing.CHEERS

  holligan 16:32 16 Oct 2003

i tried to change style as i lost the top all the pages are the same whan i click the buttons.i will have to type it all again i did save it.but now lost it.

  Pesala 16:50 16 Oct 2003

Go to Publish, Setup and fill in the details for your server. Mine is NTL click here

You can publish the site first to My Computer to test it. If it is a big site, try publishing just one page first to test it.

After setup is complete you can choose whether to publish to My Computer or your webspace.

  Pesala 16:51 16 Oct 2003
  Pesala 16:52 16 Oct 2003

Darn filename is case sensitive: click here

  Taran 17:11 16 Oct 2003

Your ISP should supply you with the details of how to upload to your free space. If you tell us who your ISP is, one of us may be able to help directly.

You will be given some FTP information from your ISP. This will consist of an account, host name, user name and password and possibly one or two other little tweaks.

Most ISPs also have detailed instrcutions on their site on how to publish your website to your free space.

With NetObjects you use the Publish command and fill in the relevant details as supplied by your ISP. Once you tell NetObjects where your web folder is on your ISP servers and what your username and password are, off it goes and uploads your site as HTML and graphics files for you.

If you give more detail we can advise further.

I'm impressed that you've gone from not being able to use NetObjects to asking how to upload your site.

Well done.

I look forward to seeing your first attempt.



  holligan 18:27 16 Oct 2003

i have taken softwere off my comp.But it is still there.

  Forum Editor 18:44 16 Oct 2003

at the moment.

Please tell us which ISP you are using, so one of us can help you with upload instructions. You must have these somewhere, because I can remember seeing your first site online.

NOF will publish all the relevant files automatically, once it has your server address, and your username and login. Then when you make any alterations you can tell NOF to upload only those pages with alterations on them - it saves time. You'll soon get into the rhythm of it.

  GroupFC 22:30 16 Oct 2003

As I have been following holligan's other threads, I am just adding this to my postings so I can keep an eye on it.

Holligan stick with it you're almost there!

  holligan 23:51 16 Oct 2003

I did have the site ready to upload all looking good (for me).And left out the name where i live whet to put it in and now i have all the same script on every page.all the nav buttons go to the page but all the same i have been saving all the pages as go but now have to do it all again.
12 am now, started at 12 pm ..dont beleive it who lives near hull get round fc bet you do it easy. why did i try to fxxxxxg add one word.

  holligan 10:56 17 Oct 2003

it says the files transfered i put in my p/w and the homepage isp details but my old site is still there it says never pubshlied on nof.I copyed what
pas said but may have gong wrong can you tell me in a easy way i dont have a printer so be time i get back to the site i have forgot.its how to go from publish to upload i need.cheers

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