How to Livestream Set up (professional)

  VanDalucas 15:09 09 Dec 2013


I need to start livestreaming but I have to do more professionaly than using Ustream or Livestream. I.e. without any advertisement, more stable, with better quality.
I am new to livestreaming and computer world in general so I have a lot of queries over the equipment and software needed . Bellow I cite the equipment I assume I need and after that my queries, so please correct me if I have taken for granted something wrong regarding the equipment and and I would really appreciate detailed answers to the questions, Thank you!


A) A pc or mac with flash media live encoder media or quick time broadcaster (I know
but it can be done without pc but with other kind of equipment but I can’t affort it so
I will have to use my laptop) B) A webcam or an HDMI camera C) Dedicated server D) Microsoft Media server installed or equivalent software installed in that dedicated server E) Internet connection F) Microphone in case the HDMI camera does come with an incorporated microphone


A) I already have a C920 logitech, what will the benefit if I go for an HDMI camera? they are both HD1080p right? I guess I will be able to zoom in/out but what else…? B) What is the cheapest HDMI camera that can do the job? Any place you propose me to look for used cameras ? C) Do I need a capture card (or some other kind of card) to improve livestreaming ? D) How do you consult me to upgrade my laptop (if that possble) for better livestreamingI use a macbook pro OS X 10.9, 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5, 6GB ram, Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB E) Quicktime broadcaster or Flashmedialiverencoder ? Which one do you propose? F) Microsoft media server is free right ? G) In case my upload speed is low (I use a 4g usb stick) all I can do is to ask for a dedicated use of the local router/modem right ? In this case I can get a better upload
speed of I connect my pc to the mode/router through cable right ? H) Do you now any microphone that works well with macs? Are there any wireless microphones you consider reliable ?

Thanks again!

  lotvic 15:21 09 Dec 2013

3 tips for professional live streaming click here or just search google with: 'How to Livestream Set up (professional)' for loads more tips and howtos.

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