How ling should an E-mail take to deliver?

  jack 14:06 13 Feb 2009

My next door neighbour has a print problem- which in the current state of affairs is unsolvable.
He needed some prints done - so I suggested that he sent them to me as attachments and I would print them for him.

The mails were sent at Noon today
It is now 14.00 and no sign.

  provider 2 14:10 13 Feb 2009

Could be an AOL problem ... something`s definitely been going wrong yesterday and today.

  Technotiger 14:11 13 Feb 2009

They have gone adrift somewhere, or your neighbour has does something wrong.

They should only take a matter of minutes at most, normally.

  Clapton is God 14:58 13 Feb 2009

Wouldn't it have been quicker for your neighbour to stroll round to your house with the prints on a USB memory stick or something similar??

  canarieslover 15:50 13 Feb 2009

How long is a peice of string? I did the same thing with my son's files a couple of weeks ago. He is on Sky B/B and I am on a 8mb B/B and less than half a mile away. 3 hours later I was able to collect them at home. At work I can get a reply back from U.S.A. in less than 10 minutes.

  jack 16:34 13 Feb 2009

Just after my post and both mails had been returned.
So I sat down and making sure he had the correct address did it for him.

Now 16.30 having returned home and looked and no mails
He is on Tiscali.
So when I have had a cuppa I shall take my memory stick to him[so to speak]
He is still a learner, but the ones I sent for him should have arrived, perchance his Address book has a corrupt entry .

We shall see

  jack 17:49 13 Feb 2009

Non arrivals of E-mails are still a mystery
one of the second pair has returned the other is GKW
So I have cleared my entry from his address bok and reentered it.
Meanwhile I have copied and printed the stuff for him.

  peter99co 18:32 13 Feb 2009

They probably returned because they where to big. There is a limit on how big an attachment can be in an email.

  peter99co 18:35 13 Feb 2009

The returned mail should have an additional attachment which will give reason for return

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