How legal is VNC in the workplace

  geewis357 21:12 13 Aug 2006

Hi guys,
I have been a student to IT for a few years now and to earn a few quid in the summer hols I have been dooing a few hours or so for a security firm only to find that a couple of pc's are running VNC and all the other officers don't know what it is and are not concerned. What I know is that VNC is used to see what other people are dooing on another computer or am I wrong.

  p;3 21:51 13 Aug 2006

I have a VNC on my home pc; the only way that anyone can connect TO my pc is if I code in my details to the program ; else it is not "live"; at work we have our admin; they have to know what pc it is they are dealing with TO remote access it; but; what do you mean BY running the VNC? is it frequently open or what?

  Joe R 21:52 13 Aug 2006


one of our offices has this software, and I may be corrected, but I believe it allows the user of a particular P.C. , to access it remotely, whilst offsite.

  geewis357 21:58 13 Aug 2006

I only know that it is running cos i can see it in the system tray, I belive that the owner of the building knows it is running but told the manager it was nothing to worry about. my question is, should all personel who use the pc be notified that all activity may be viewed by an administrator?

  p;3 22:03 13 Aug 2006

surely in any office the admin can see what you are doing or record what you do; where I work in the NHS ALL out computer work is monitored and ALL sites we visit are recorded;

  p;3 22:06 13 Aug 2006

also; when we log in, we see a notice telling us about security and so forth ; the VNC is useful if a pc has a problem and the admin need to sort it by remote access; I have had that several times recently at work;

  geewis357 22:07 13 Aug 2006

you are corect, but you have been told that you are being monitered, in my situation no one is aware of this. The guy who owns the building is know to like his pc toys

  Devil Fish 01:31 14 Aug 2006

P3 I recently did a 6 month contract in an NHS trust IT Dept

we could sit their watching your every move via remote access but believe me we have far better things to do.

Remote access as you quite rightly say is a useful tool in the respect i could resolve a problem from my desk without going on site.

bearing in mind The trust IT dept may cover several sites Remote access is a very valuable tool indeed, As for monitoring their are tools available and in use but remote access is bottom of the pile cant say much more might get my wrist slapped

  p;3 01:43 14 Aug 2006

surely if you ARE using a public /works computer you would expect all movemement to be scrutinised as it is not your own pc ; I know that I am monitored at work

  wiz-king 05:40 14 Aug 2006

VNC is a remote access tool and is a great help for sorting out network problems.I presume that the PCs are on a network or have outside support from an IT centre? If they are stand alone PCs there might be a case for you to tell your manager, but a 'spy' would not use VNC.
In the firm that I work for we have a couple of dozen computers on several sites and without it fixing a PC problem would be very difficult. Telephone support to a non-technical person can be very tiring. I doubt that the user of the PC is being monitored as such but it is almost certain that all e-mails and internet could be logged by the server anyway - nothing to do with VNC.After all you did say it was a security firm.

As an aside, all of your outgoing phone calls will be logged if only to get an itemised bill. I get our itemised bill as a spreadsheet once a month to check and it can be sorted by time, date, number called, duration of call or internal extension number; a boring job and it is only done if the bill suddenly goes up.

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