How to know if someone is stealing my bandwidth?

  rickf 17:17 20 Feb 2019

My modem router lights are constantly blinking even when I am not using the internet unlike my previous one where all indicators are more or less static when internet is not in use. Is someone, say a nearby neighbour, stealing my bandwidth? Any info appreciated.

  Forum Editor 17:36 22 Feb 2019

If you know how to login to your router you will be able to see which devices are connected. It's the quickest way to find out what is going on.

If you don't know how to access the router tell us which make it is, and one of us will tell you how to access it.

  rickf 23:37 22 Feb 2019

I know how to get into the router but once in where do I look and what to look for. I have more than one device at home including phone.

  Old Deuteronomy 11:19 23 Feb 2019

I see the best way to deal with this as not being trying to see if someone is stealing your bandwidth but, to simply stop it happening.

Change your password for access to advanced settings, then make sure you are using WPA2 wireless security, not WEP. Change the WPA2 passphrase to a long and random selection of letters, numbers and other characters. Make sure you don't lose the new passphrase.

  rickf 11:27 23 Feb 2019


  Forum Editor 17:13 23 Feb 2019

"I have more than one device at home including phone."

Your router lists all connected devices by name - it's easy to see if there's a rogue device connected.

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